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Morubi Sangadra

Morubi Sangadra is one of the Champions in the past of the Suocé region. A human male of elderly age, he sported the title of Champion sometime between 200 and 250 years before the events of Generation Ⅰ.


During his early life as a Trainer, Morubi was recruited with many other Trainers for the Second Civil War of Suocé, and saw action mostly in the northern board. During his later life he would only rarely look back to the times of the civil war, and consider it more or less a meaningless matter.

Morubi became Champion at the age of 40 during a time when the Suocé government was exploring avenues to urbanize the northern frontier of the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty. He held the vote of both the Suocéan Government and the Asapean Conference, with the Cadrícean Sovereign absent to vote for several decades already.


With the country in a stable condition and his health worsening over time due to (back then undiscovered) Elchomi parasite contamination in his muscle tissue, Morubi retired from his adventures as both a Champion and a Trainer to a life of urban landscaping in an undetermined town western side of the Cadrícean Widefields.

It was several years later that he got a surprise visit from Cobalion, one of the three Guardians of the realm that had not shown up for long. Cobalion requested help in finding a new machinery humans were preparing for war and Morubi, correctly interpreting the Pokémon's descriptions as those of the nascent technique of Photography, led Cobalion into a guided test. Thus Cobalion was free to go report to his peers that the new technology was not intended to harm Pokémon. ( Forever Catch ).

Morubi would die some years later, from heart complications derived from the Elchomia poisoning. The cause of death and the nature of the parasite would not be discovered for the next 30 years.

Beyond his feats during times of war and his various workings as a landscaper for the Acrasan province, Morubi went down in history as the first human to get photographic record of himself with a Legendary Pokémon, and the second person in history overall to obtain record of a live Legendary Pokémon after Kádak Naesco would record Yveltal only four months prior. The original of the picture, taken by photographist Milocas, is hosted at the Acrasa General Archive Library, and a high-fidelity copy of it was handed over as a gift to the Suocéan National Museum of Désona City.


Morubi Snagadra

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