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Millalobo "the Crafter"

Millalobo is a Popplio serving under Kyogre in Mainline Suocéverse. He was part of a line of reincarnations of the original sorcerer Millalobo.


Millalobo was the name taken by a number of Popplio sorcerers and crafters, all of them reincarnations of the original Millalobo.


Much like previous Millalobo, “The Crafter” was a Popplio variant with shorter snout, yellow-ish (later golden) and small thumb-stubs. He had a rather larger / more muscular build compared to previous Millalobo.



Millalobo was an expert fighter and guard and a skilled designer of traps and weaponry using marine materials. Put in charge of Kyogre's forces, and assisted by the ghost ship Caleuche, he eventually became one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokémon to have ever lorded over several seas, and these skills only increased once he was elevated to Pokémon-EX by Kyogre.

Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Millalobo “the Crafter” was an eventual reincarnation of Millalobo the Coraline. He first showed up in records of around the year 2800 PE(~933 before Gen1) in coastal Caledoria. By the time he showed up attacking some merchant ships, he had already been elevated by Kyogre, and had been tasked with preventing other countries from coming to Caledoria's aid while Kyogre assembled an armada to sail to Poké!Guyana to seek a confrontation with Groudon (Mainline).

At some point during the hostilities, some combat ships sailed across the world to reach Caledoria from the south, attempting to take Kyogre by surprise. Millalobo was informed of such events and amassed some forces to fight off the ships.

Eventually Millalobo designed a trap to capture one of the ships and offered it and its crew to some powerful Ghost Pokémon as sacrifice. In exchange of various minerals and supplies, Millalobo obtained the ship and its now undead crew as thralls. He re-christened the ship the “Caleuche” and sent it to strike fear across the coasts of Caledoria. The ship continued to exist for about 20 years after Millalobo's death as his existence was no longer powering the spell.

After Millalobo died, he remained inactive as Kyogre had been captured and did not have direct need of him. Only several generations later he was reincarnated as Millalobo the Spiriter.

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Millalobo "the Crafter"

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