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Millalobo "the Bird-Drowner"

Millalobo is one of various specimens of Popplio sorcerers taking on the given name “Millalobo” in Mainline Suocéverse. He was the first of this lineage and succeeded by a number of reincarnations.


Millalobo was the name taken by a number of Popplio sorcerers and crafters, all of them reincarnations of the original Millalobo.


The first Millalobo was a Popplio variant with noticeable differences from the norm, in particular at reaching the Primarina morph. His snout is somewhat shorter and wider than that of a normal Primarina. His hair and tail fin-ring are yellowish in colour, and azure-violet stripes course his tail. Unique to this variant, he sports small thumb stubs on his arms and an extra fin on his tail.

Considered an evil sorcerer, rumour had it that this aberrant appearance was the result of a union between a male Brionne guard and a female human witch whom the guard rescued from human warlocks as she was to be sacrificed.



Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Not much is known about the original Millalobo, and what is known is viewed through the lenses of folklore and war. It is known from surviving documents that he and a few other marine Pokémon led attacks and raids on the ships and the coastal settlements across Poké!Zealandia and Caledoria when humans first tried to colonize the coasts, the then-Brionne taking up this path to vent his anger at the displacement of native Popplio from the coasts of those regions.

Late into the Previous Era, Kyogre and Groudon were released from their imprisonment and went rogue. Kyogre first amassed her personal army from the ranks of various Pokémon living in the Southern Hemisphere, and eventually Millalobo joined under the promise of special protections so long as he kept attacking humans. Millalobo rose through the ranks thanks to perfecting enfeeblement and sharpshooting techniques which he demonstrated by ambushing and drowning the avian Pokémon that scouted the sea for humans, including the likes of Swellow and Skarmory. This quickly earned him the name, “Bird-Drowner”.

Following a confrontation between Kyogre and Lugia, Millalobo was left for dead, his body not found. Kyogre had recovered him from the fight, impressed by his dedication, and made a pact with some ghost Pokémon to extend his life “so long as he would serve”. Millalobo was designated as one of Kyogre's representatives and tasked with organizing attacks on coastline settlements for the years to come so as to keep Lugia busy.

Eventually, Millalobo was killed in combat. However his desire to still serve Kyogre allowed the contract with the ghost Pokémon to bring him back, reincarnated into one of his descendents. This descendent would go on to become Millalobo the Ire-Thief.

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Battle Technique


Millalobo "the Bird-Drowner"

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