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Millalobo "the Ascendant"

Millalobo is a Popplio outlaw living in Mainline Suocéverse during the timeframe of up to a few decades before the events of the main games. She and other Pokémon near the coasts of Hoenn sown confrontations between the various wild Pokémon in the area for various purposes. Eventually she aligned with the lingering spirit of Kyogre in Mainline Suocéverse.

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Millalobo was the name taken by a number of Popplio sorcerers and crafters, all of them reincarnations of the original Millalobo. She is the last known successor of Millalobo the Spiriter and of the entire Millalobo line.


Much like previous Millalobo, “The Ascendant” was a Popplio variant with shorter snout, yellow-ish (later golden) mane and small thumb-stubs. She has slightly longer tail and arms than previous Millalobo incarnations. Like all reincarnations since “the Spiriter”, she sported a gash starting from her right ear, that manifests starting at the Brionne morph.



Millalobo was an experienced physical marine fighter and a reef / trench warfare strategist. While she lacked the more advanced sorcery levels of her previous reincarnations, her powers were still enough that she could score important victories against relevant Ghost and Psychic combatants.

The gut instinct and self-confidence built across a number of generations gave Millalobo a refined sense of orientation in corals and reefs, allowing her to become a relevant strategist in the campaigns marine Pokémon carried against each other. Her confidence allowed her to become a local leader across the Hoenn undersea during the decades previous to G1, and thanks to her organization and support she was the closest Millalobo, after “the Crafter”, to reviving Kyogre, although she still failed and perished in the end.

Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Millalobo “the Ascendant” was an eventual reincarnation of the Millalobo line. She did not make much of a name for herself, unlike “the Crafter” before her, and thus remained mostly undetected until she recovered the Orb that held Kyogre's consciousness prisoner.

Late during the 3600s, Millalobo finally amassed the resources to perform the advanced spell required to transfer Kyogre's consciousness back to her body. For that purpose she moved over to some underground caves in the southern islands of Hoenn, and had her forces kidnap various Ghost- and Water-type Pokémon from the surrounding islands up to Dewford. This prompted retaliation from one of the Ghost houses of Hoenn, who managed to track Millalobo's location and raid her chambers while Millalobo and her troops were readying the spell.

While Millalobo fought with all her strength, despite being blessed by Kyogre in the end she was bested and killed by Yanoyäfa “the Stainless Bite”, and the ritual was halted. Amidst the chaos of the fight the Orb that held Kyogre's consciousness was lost, and it would not be recovered until some decades down the line by Mt. Pyre's priests.

Up until the timeframe of G9, Millalobo has not been reincarnated again, and with Kyogre now running rampant it's unlikely she will be, making “the Ascendant” the last of the long-running line.

End spoilers.


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Millalobo "the Ascendant"

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