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Millalobo” is a name taken by various members of a lineage of Variant Pokémon of the Popplio line during the Previous Era and the The Present Era of Mainline Suocéverse. In actuality, they are all the various reincarnations of Millalobo "the Bird-Drowner", a Pokémon-EX branded by Kyogre and who worked for her during various points in History, during various lives.


A non-exhaustive listing of various characters who took upon the name “Millalobo”:

  • Millalobo "the Bird-Drowner", or Millalobo the Sire, the original Millalobo. A variant Popplio supposedly born from the union of a human witch and a Brionne, took part in attacks against explorers in western Caledoria, ambushing and drowning their scouts, hence his name.
  • Millalobo the Ire-Thief, she is the reincarnation of the original. After a climatic battle between Kyogre and Groudon that left them vulnerable to capture by Humans during the Previous Era, she managed to steal from the humans the Blue Orb, that had been created to seal away Kyogre's consciousness and powers; hence her name. She took upon the task of hiding the Orb herself until a way was found to restore her master Kyogre.
  • Millalobo the Coraline, a Millalobo reincarnation down the line during the early The Present Era. She fought off Poké!Caribbean explorers before they could settle in the analogue to the Guyanas, but was killed during the war.
  • Millalobo "the Crafter", a subsequent Millalobo reincarnation. One of the strongest non-Legendary Pokémon to have ever lorded over the seas, sometime around 2800 PE(~933 before Gen1) , he captured and sacrificed a ship and its crew to forge a deal with Ghost Pokémon from another dimension. As part of the exchange, the ship and its human crew became his ghastly thralls, which he named the Caleuche and the Crafter sent them off to raid and pillage the coasts of Caledoria and soon-to-be Suocé.
  • Millalobo the Spiriter, a Millalobo that lived in the Estracura region ca. 3300 PE(~433 before Gen1) . Upon learning that Lugia and Ho-Oh had abandoned their posts, the Spiriter hunted down various Pokémon in order to recover Kyogre's orb and abscond with it.
  • Millalobo "the Ascendant", a Millalobo that lived near Faraway Island ca. 3430 PE(~303 before Gen1) , and the last known Millalobo. She had plans to capture and sacrifice a number of Fairy type Pokémon in order to revive Kyogre, for which she prepared a ritual in Refle Island (Maisie Island), but during the ritual she was fought and killed by Yanoyâfa. As a direct result of this confrontation the Blue Orb was lost, and then found by some Mt. Pyre priests scouting the area after the fight, which led to it eventually being stolen by Team Aqua.

Character Concept

The Millalobo is a mythological creature of chilote folklore. The spawn of a chilote woman and a sealion that had saved her from drowning, the Millalobo was a creature similar to the Triton. He had golden hair/fur, hence his name.

The Millalobo was chosen by Coi Coi-Vilu (whom Kyogre represents in Suocéverse mainline folklore) as its representative when it was forced to delegate its power after the violent confrontation with Tre Tren-Vilu. Thus appointed, the Millalobo grew to become one of the most powerful creatures of the world's seas, assigning powers and tasks to various mythological creatures of the sea, managing the climate and currents of the sea, and even created the ghost ship Caleuche. According to myth, even the evil creatures of the sea had to bow in deference to the Millalobo.

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