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Machalí sol Linaros / Backstory


After finishing his Third Trainer's Journey, Machalí started working as a researcher in the eastern board of the La Plancha Sovereignty, where he had over time earned the trust of the local wild population. He researched the veins of Ground-type gemmite and started developing training regimes and battle techniques for his starter Inka as well as for other Pokémon of the Nidoran species.

When it was later revealed that the company offering to fund his studies, Pokefutures, engaged in world-wide scale unethical acts, Machalí hid his research in the Sovereignty and only resurfaced it later, looking to get funding by Kanto's renowned Ground-type specialist Leonardo Giovanni.

Due to his defense of other Trainers targeted by both Pokefutures and Suocé's local law enforcement, as well as the stability his training regime brought to the local Nidoran colony, Machalí was marked an individual of worth by the Sovereignty, and granted access to some of the innermost grounds, where he established himself for his own protection. These events and his pursuit of former Pokefutures assets across the regions of Suocé and Caledoria, gained Machalí the attention of then Champion Nadia Shepard, who (under guidance of a seer in her team) eyed him as one of the top threats to the region.

Candidacy to Champion

When the Fall of Pokefutures struck worldwide, a hasty political response by the Suocéan government marked some of the top Trainers in the region for capture and interrogation, under the assumption that they would either defect to Pokefutures or be recruited by other foreign corps amidst the chaos. The Cero Registry operation was bootstrapped with the purpose of capturing select Trainers, Machalí being one of the targets. After the attempted capture of one such Trainer ended with deceased officers, Machalí went dark and started attacking a number of government personnel and facilities, in an attempt to publicly uncover their links to Pokefutures and get them off the Cero Registry trainers' backs.

By the time of Interim, however, and with the aftershock of the worldwide threat of Pokefutures, Nadia has secretly tested various Machalí and other Trainers to succeed her in her role, with Machalí being among the ones to come out on top. Machalí came to confront both Nadia and the “threat to the Region” that she had detected during the course of the story. After the events, Machalí is apprehended by the Suocéan Navy headed by Yarade LeBlanc, but he is let go when Terrakion demands he is surrendered to the Sovereignty, which the military is not willing to accept.

Walking off the events of Interim, Machalí disappears into the province of Cuasto and only resurfaces later when his rival Ravir Eisenhorth is announced as the new Champion of the region.


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