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Legan Opening Grand Octagonal

The “Legan” Opening Grand Octagonal is a one-time event taking place in yr. 3734 in the Suocéverse where an octagonal tournament is hosted to celebrate the opening of the Lega Runa Battle Tower. Competition is dual-format (a round-robin stage and a direct-elimination stage) and runs official League battle formats with the only difference that once sent to the arena, Pokémon fight on their own without direct command from their Trainers and without use of items, similar to the Emerald Battle Tent in Hoenn.

The opening octagonal's second round is the prominent background where the events in Built for Risk take place.


Seven trainers were invited to the tournament by various teams. Two of the slots were occupied by PEFE guests who were travelling around several regions for a number of seminars.

The current Champion of the Suocé region was invited automatically to fill the last place; the two then-running concurrent Champions held a private battle to determine which of the two would enter the tournament, although in the end intermin Champion Ravir Eisenhorth turned over the invitation due to a pressing engagement in Caledoria, thus allowing Machalí sol Linaros to enter the tournament.


  1. One unnamed Trainer.
  2. One unnamed Trainer.
  3. One unnamed Trainer.
  4. One unnamed Trainer.
  5. Lina with a team including Kurma, Pandinus and Gino.
  6. PEFE's Tagg with a team including Roc.
  7. PEFE's Tracer with a team including Shaun, Milo and Bottles.
  8. Machalí sol Linaros with a team including Inka.


The octagonal is fought in two phases: an initial quick-match dual Round robin phase and a two-rounds Direct elimination tournament bracket.

Initial Phase

All contestants entering the tournament are sorted into two pools for a dual Round-robin tournament structure in quick matches of 2v2 doubles following the standard Ascapian Conference rules (one switchout allowed, no items). Battles last 20 minutes upon which a winner is decided.

At any time, two battles (one from each pool) run concurrently in two of the Tower's arenas, with the third arena being used for exhibitions. Points are awarded according to the following system:

  • +1 for: Knocking out the 1st opponent Pokémon.
  • +1 for: Knocking out the 2nd opponent Pokémon.
  • +1 for: knocking both opponent Pokémon before the timer runs out.
  • +1 granted once for: Impressing the audience with a combination attack.
  • -1 once for: using the once permitted switchout to replace one's Pokémon.
  • -1 once for: using long-range or area-of-effect techniques that could endanger the audience.
  • -1 once for: assailing the remaining opponent Pokémon during its partner's switchout.
Pool 1 Pool 2
Trainer 1 Trainer 3
Trainer 2 Trainer 4
Lina Tagg
Tracer Machalí

At the end of the round-robin the four contestants with the higher scoring then the lowest number of Pokémon defeated are moved to the next phase.

Elimination Phase

Four contestants are randomly seeded into two Semifinal matches, a Third Place match and a Final Match. The combats in the bracket use Pokémon League standard singles 3v3 format where the first team to lose their three Pokémon loses the battle.


Round-Robin Stage

First Set of Battles
Pool 1 Battle 1 Arena 1 09:15 Trainer 1 Lina
Pool 2 Battle 1 Arena 2 09:15 Trainer 3 Trainer 4
Pool 1 Battle 2 Arena 1 09:55 Tracer Trainer 2
Pool 2 Battle 2 Arena 2 09:55 Tagg Machalí
Pool 1 Battle 3 Arena 2 10:45 Trainer 1 Tracer
Pool 2 Battle 3 Arena 1 10:45 Trainer 3 Tagg
Exhibitions Arena 3 09:00-12:00
11:10 - 13:00
Second Set of Battles
Pool 1 Battle 4 Arena 1 13:30 Trainer 2 Lina
Pool 2 Battle 4 Arena 3 13:30 Trainer 4 Machalí
Pool 1 Battle 5 Arena 1 14:15 Trainer 1 Trainer 2
Pool 2 Battle 5 Arena 3 14:15 Trainer 3 Machalí
Pool 1 Battle 6 Arena 3 15:00 Lina Tracer
Pool 2 Battle 6 Arena 1 15:00 Trainer 4 Tagg
Exhibitions Arena 2 13:20-15:15

Elimination Stage

Semifinals Match A
Lina Tracer
Kurma, Pandinus, Gino Bottles, Milo, Shaun
Arena 1, 16:30
Semifinals Match B
Tagg Machalí
Roc, ????, ???? Inka, ????, ????
Arena 2, 17:30
Third Place Match
???? ????
Arena 1, 18:30
Finals Match
???? ????
Arena 3, 19:30



Inka being available as a Nidoqueen and part of Machalí's team places the tournament somewhere in year 3734, after she took over La Plancha Sovereignty but before confrontation between them and the Ísparus Draconic Claim reached its late stage.

Which contestants reach the final matches, or who were the four remaining Trainers in the round-robin match, are matters not taking part of the initial release of Built for Risk , which only concerns itself with the Semifinal matches for demonstration of how combine-tech Arenas function in the Pokémon world.

The Third Place Match was originally slated to take place in Arena 2 however (as hinted in the story) the damage to the Arena in the match between Tagg and Machalí was very high; despite the damage that the Lina-Tracer match also caused, Arena 1 could be repaired and primed for another match much more quickly and thus the 3rd place match was moved over to that Arena.

For more continuity details see Built for Risk .

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