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La Plancha Mesa

The La Plancha Mesa is a large mesa about 250 km long in the N-S direction and with an elevation of about 400 m from the surrounding ground, located in the western side of the region of Suocé. This land formation is mostly devoid from human settlements or inhabitation. The mesa itself and the escarpments that separate it from the surrounding geography, as well as the ridges to the north that lead to the area of Cuasto, determine the boundaries of the La Plancha Sovereignty.


Flora and Fauna


The La Plancha Sovereignty is the largest society known to inhabit the mesa, comprising Pokémon from various species. The society there does not, for the most part, have a strict presence of rulers, though taking over by formerly trained Nidoqueen Inka during the war between the Sovereignty and the claim of the Ísparus draconic migration was a well known exception.

Characters known in Suocéverse canon to originate from the mesa include:

It is undetermined in Suocéverse canon if Inka actually originates from the Sovereignty or if she is from the Cuasto valleys.

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