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Léos Ward

Léos Ward is an experienced Trainer, knowledge broker and outdoorsman for the Elite Four of the Suocé region, of which he is also a member. He trains Bans Caier as part of his involvement and funding of Project Berilium.



Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Léos is the second son of Tain Ward, a telecomm and transportation businessman from eastern Caledoria. Léos has been designated as the heir of the Ward family inheritance, but it was decided by the Conference Legislature that this did not interfere with his nomination as an E4 member.

Unlike his fellow E4 members, Léos did not have direct participation in the events surrounding the local context of the Fall of Pokefutures, as he was carrying out a joint investigation with the Malvusia Gym Leaders during that time. Upon his return to the country, Léos learned of the difficult situations the League had to endure when they turned on their highest-performing Trainers, hurting their standing with the community. As a result of the events of the Fall and of what he perceived as a very lax and irresponsible handling of events by then-Champion Nadia Shepard, Léos and his colleague Domingo Reubens came up with Project Berilium, a project to raise a group of Trainers as E4 candidates from teen age.

Léos had to fight both Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros for their corresponding E4 challenges. He would later account that fighting both Trainers very close back-to-back, with the context of them having been persecuted by the government a few months prior, was “a mistake”, and advised Maribel Dolotov that, would the E4 not be forthcoming enough in their challenge being amicable and legit, they should have expected “a lethal offense”.

Léos disappeared from the public scene following the various events related to the Fall. Knowing of the Ward family's hairy history with law enforcement in Caledoria due to illegal mining operations in decades prior, Léos did as much as possible to avoid taking control of the family inheritance. It is in the context of evading agents from the Suocé revenue agency sometime ca. 3732 PE(~1 before Gen1) that Léos hid in the wildlands around Nartes and was eventually found by Thom Eisenhorth; the two Trainers helped each other out with their personal issues, which is what would later set the revenue agency as one of Thom's antagonists during Stars of Suocé.

End spoilers.




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Léos Ward
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