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Kyogre is a, or the most well-known specimen of the Kyogre species in the mainline Suocéverse. It is a female of the species and its last known surviving member as per the time of Generation I.

This article pertains to the character Kyogre.
For information on the species check see "Kyogre".




Character History

Early Eras

First Unlocking

A few hundred years into the Destruction Rain from the Heavens, the until-then imprisoned Weather Trio were released from their stasis prisons in the hopes that a deal could be reached with them in order to help protect the world. Kyogre and Groudon both agreed to help, but they turned their backs on the deal first chance they got, and escaped to confront each other on their own.

Kyogre went on rampages across various coastal regions of the world. In the southern hemisphere she clashed once again with Groudon in a confrontation that gave birth to various islands in the Caledoria landmass. As a result she came to be known by some nascent civilizations of the new Era as Kay Kay-Vilú, the sea serpent of evil.

Eventually and after she was tracked down to an island chain near Faraway Island, Kyogre was confronted and severely damaged. She and Groudon both sought a powerful energy source that had emerged in the Hoenn continent, but Rayquaza intercepted them to get the energy for himself and defeated them. This allowed shamans to capture her and separate her mind from her body. The body was cast to the depths of the sea near Hoenn and her mind was encased in a jewel, the whereabout of which were lost to history until around the events of Generation III.

Present Era

Combat Skills


Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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