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Keller is a male Shinx specimen, later Luxray, that is one of the protagonists of Blink, Slowly together with his teammate Sasqūe.

The base character (see Character Concept) is intended to feature in his own set of stories as are the rest of the cast in Blink, Slowly.





Besides being a decent fighter, Keller is a good planner and organizer, and back in the day he was in charge of the team's expenses. Ever since a few months previous to Blink, Slowly, when it's been only him and his Lucario partner on the road, Keller used those skills to manage the team's resources and their handling of the case they were hired for by the Clefable Army. Eventually, Keller and Sasqūe were able to track down a goddess's hiding spot for the Army.

Keller has a stated ability to see beyond sight. This ability includes at the least a Luxray's ability to see things that are covered, thanks to their X-ray-like vision, which allows him to discern the three directions in which the Clefable airships turn to in a cloudy sky.

However this ability seems to also be tuned to detect the motion of any enemy within Keller's range, no matter the direction he's looking at. He states a few times that he can “always see all [his] enemies”, and he does prove this against Sasqūe in the story, but it's not determined if this is part of the ability common to all Luxray or if it is something unique to Keller.

Character History




Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at keller (requires login).

Character Concept

Keller's species was chosen early to be that of a Shinx due to a combination of two factors: the overrepresentation of Riolu-Shinx teams in PMD fanfiction, and the innate vision ability that Luxray have, that would have pivotal significance in the end of the story, as one of the arc concepts for Blink, Slowly was that Keller was able to “see all his enemies”.

Keller is the first main character in a Suocéverse story to successfully carry out a kill in single combat; Inka had previously carried out a kill during a raid defense in Tricks of the Love Fast, only two weeks before Blink, Slowly was published.

Keller is the first Suocéverse character to kill a main character.



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