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This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Kalas was originally raised in a different city and was there caught by a Trainer. Over the years Kalas went through three or four Trainers, acquiring some skills at tracking down targets, moving in the cities, and learning the basics of managing money.

All this lasted until his latest Trainer was forced to release him and the rest of the team after a severe failure at a venture entrepreneurship costs them all their home and financial stability. Though having parted in good terms with his human, Kalas decided to not tack along other Trainers in the long term, and instead joined a Spearow wing that flew to the City of A Case… and took residence there.

Over the next few years Kalas worked as an assistant law enforcer for the city's Pokémon police, until he retired from that activity as he was starting to get old and outclassed by younger, stronger Pokémon coming in from working with humans. Given his experience, instead of seeking retirement he took to making private detective his main activity, chasing around various petty criminals in the city, and the Pokémon police welcomed his general contribution.

At some point in time Kalas joined the investigations in the Lansat Syrup Dealership case, where he removed his former acquaintance Morach from activity and even rescued a random street urchin, “The Spearow”, who would insist in tagging along with him and becoming his apprentice.

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