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Kalas is a male Fearow who works as a private detective. He is old and tends to work alone, preferring the works that have him stay around a place for a long time.

He is largely a reimagining of Copahue's character base had his life gone differently.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at kalas (requires login).


Kalas is somewhat of a “learned loner”: his dedication of years to work such as stakeouts, security rounds at night and inspections has led him to build up personality traits where he finds himself more comfortable working at a distance from people and not talking about his feelings, most of the time. Still, he develops a number of acquaintances, and is no stranger to the comforts of dedicated company. He even unofficially adopts a Spearow fledgling at some point.

Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).
See Kalas/Backstory for more details.

End spoilers.


Kalas's cases during his time as an officer are undetermined. It is known that at some point he arrested Morach and held him as an informant.

After his official retirement he still takes cases as small-time PD. He spends most of his time catching petty criminals.

The arrest of a Pignite during a crime bust by the Pokémon police leads him to question and check out the current whereabouts of his informants and associates ( A Case of Winging it ), as he and many Pokémon have heard rumours about a big heist planned in the city. During these investigations Kalas meets with old acquaintance Morach, whose opportune intromission in an arrest suggests to Kalas he should look into the local Houndoom pack.

A few days later, at most, Kalas attempts to infiltrate the local Honchkrow meetings at a public square, trying to disguise himself as a Honchkrow. He is easily found out (and his unofficially adopted kid doesn't help) but he does end up getting to meet Tiana at a distance.



This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).
  • Lived with a Trainer for the first ~5 years of his life.
  • Joined the police force in an undetermined City.
  • Arrested Morach.
  • Participated in stakeouts against the City's Houndour gang of smugglers.
  • Participated in busts in the fabled Lansat Syrup Dealership case.
  • Met Tiana.
  • Discovered hints of a big heist planned in the City. ( A Case of Winging it )


Character Concept

Kalas as a character concept was first designed as a potential character to co-star in a work unrelated to the Suocéverse, which at the time of writing of this article is undergoing planning.

The core concept behind Kalas is to take the idea of a “film noir” detective much in the style of Dick Tracy, age him to retirement to mellow him out, and imprint them on a bird with the appearance and stylish that Fearow has, to then see what happens. He is also largely a reimagining of Copahue, a Fearow character the author played in WAAPT.

Kalas would be something like a private detective or private investigator, spending his time in stakeouts or talking to peoplemons to gather cues and evidence about their marks' routines. Much like Dick Tracy proper, he would be followed pretty much everywhere by a Spearow street urchin or “Kid” who took a liking to him and appointed himself as Kalas's “assistant” and “partner”, impressed by his posture and personal character.

Much like with Dick Tracy, there would also be a female bird in the underground circles to catch Kalas' eye and suffer because of his character flaws and dedication to work. The resulting character, Tiana, is a Honchkrow nod to WAAPT's Harriet who is herself the daughter of a former crime lord.

Depending on the setting where he's used, Kalas has potential for interacting with a number of characters whose activities are tied to crime, law and order, and other such affairs, such as Tephros or Salozny.

Worldbuilding Elements

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