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Jaime Farnsworth Ketchum

Jaime is a human character in construction. As of last update of this document it is a Character Concept being worked upon.



Jaime is a young man of Poké!Mestizo ethnicity in the 16~22 yr range of age, of sleek body build that he can maintain without effort no matter how much he eats, and is about 1.68 m tall. He has long ebony black Super Saiyan gold coloured hair in a style laid back, a smaller version of lynx ears, and Sharingan eyes.


A master of Aura, having perfected most forms of auric usage at the ripe old age of 10. He is also an awesome Trainer, beloved by Pokémon, and even Legendaries tend to side with him or support him in most matters, other than Victini whose abilities are made all but redundant because Jaime is such a capable character.


A candidate team composition would be:

Character Concept

The point behind designing this character is building up a sort of Mary Sue. Concept for the character was born in a conversation in the Thousand Roads discord server:


cherry bomb : i hope we’re thinking of the same jfk
Sidney in Torchic fic when : john fortnite kennedy
kyeugh : yes, the famous brother of afk. john from keyboard
Venia Silente :
> jfk
jaime fansworth ketchum
Venia Silente : oh no I've created a potential Mary Sue
Sidney in Torchic fic when : Good

And thus the goal was to create a Mary Sue since I realized I actually have none (so far).

Jaime has the family names of the Farnsworth family from Futurama and from Ash Ketchum from Pokémon. He would be an awesome trainer who is so awesome that he makes Victini redundant. He has Saiyan style golden hair from Dragon Ball and Sharingan eyes from Natuto. Probably became a master of Aura at a young age and most assuredly championed all four OG regions at about 10 years of age.

Either he's some sort of stand-in for Ash Ketchum, or Ash is one of his ascendant maternal relatives. In the later case, Jaime's also likely gotten some sort of hereditary powers from Ash, not necessarily limited to Aura.

Given his initials, he might or might be not an Isekai reincarnation of JFK, or of the JFK of some alternate fictional dimension.

Jaime Farnsworth Ketchum
saiyan gold

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