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Isla Triángulo

Isla Triángulo (Triangle Island) is a location in he Suocéverse, comprising a small triangular island ~25-30 km West off the coast of Emisre, and named as such because of its triangular shape (or, as mentioned by some characters, “doubly triangular, with its three beaches and a central mountain”). The island is wild territory, without any Soverengity or human governance making claim of it.

In terms of references and inspiration, Isla Triángulo fulfills a role similar to that of the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco in terms of their relative positioning and relevance to the coastal settlements of Emisre, and to Cedros Island in Baja California in terms of its shape, geological structure and natural history.


Isla Triángulo is a rocky outcrop ~30 km off the coast of Emisre, and one of two islands in the area, the other one being Isla Clovia. It has a distinctly triangular shape with the three vertexes pointing NNW, W and SSE. The western and southern edges have narrow sandy beaches and a number of rocky pillars of unknown origin.

The island's most recognizable feature is the mountain in its center, with the highest point a ridge reaching 340 m high, and visible from the Emisrean coast in good days. There are two other small recognizable peaks at 280 and 260 m high, characterized by pointy rocky walls protecting the opening of a cave system.

Atop the second peak (280 m high) there is a huge hollow excavated on the northern side of the rocky wall, the opening clearly visible from the ocean, and leading to a bottle-like cave opening with some fertile soil and exposed Iron veins. Among locals and visitors to the islands this particular hollow is known as the Hollow of the Tall One, after the single gigantic specimen of a taxaceæ genus tree living in the cave.

Flora and Fauna

The island has some amount of generic flora and fauna, in particular berry trees as well as some bushes.

The following Pokémon species are known to exist in the island:


The only named regular inhabitant of the island is Taverna, a Salamence that arrived to the island ~40-60 years before the events of Generation Ⅰ and installed itself as the apex predator ( A Good Year to Rawr ).

A singular specimen of a taxaceæ genus tree, exhibiting notorious outlier traits of longevity and gigantism, lives in one of the island's hollows and has been known to be there since at least 1300 PE(~2433 before Gen1) . Locals and visitors call it “The Tall One” ( A Good Year to Rawr ) and the reasons for its presence there, let alone its longevity, are severely understudied given the off-limits status of the island.

Rayquaza arrived to the island in year 3733, right after its confrontation with Kyogre and Groudon (Gen Ⅲ), intending to use it as a napping spot for the next 10-12 years. Unfortunately the nap was short-lived as the government of Emisre, fearing the presence of the wyrm so close to their coasts, launched a military attack on the island early in 3734.After Rayquaza's retaliation against the Emisrean capital, the dragon left Isla Triángulo to destinations unknown.

During the timeframe from 3730 to 3745, a female Trainer and her team regularly visit the island for reasons undisclosed.


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