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Suocéverse: Legends

This article pertains to a story that is, at the time of this writing, and still in development.


The world around them has categorized them as cryptids, as supernatural entities, as behemoths, or as deities. Yet no matter their nature, they live their lives just like any other creature; they have dreams, they have plans, they have routines and they have fears. Above all, they have a world in common they strongly feel about. An anthology of stories exploring the Legendary Pokémon in Suocéverse canon.

Publication Information

To be aired 2018



Suocéverse: Legends is split into a number of inter-dependent entries, each taking place all across the entire timeline spectrum of the Pokémon World, though with a marked focus on key events during the The Present Era. Key entries are strongly tied to the beginning or end of Stars of Suocé and Guild of Rienna.

Planned Tales:

(as of Apr 2017)

  • Upon rumors that the ancient artifact Azure Flute has surfaced in Sinnoh, Articuno takes over the snowy mountains to find the artifact and dispose of it, fearful of what humans or Pokémon could do with the thing. Human trainer S comes in challenging for the artifact, but even though her reasons are noble, the danger is not one that Articuno will allow.
  • Azelf ponders the situation the Lake Trio is left in after their release from Galactic's grasp, and while observing humans play videogames gets an idea for the Lake Trio to seal away the most dangerous portion of their powers.
  • Far into the past, the last Rayquaza mating pair prepare to perform the ultimate sacrifice, to go fight the Lake Trio and their purge of the planet's biodiversity for the sake of their eggs, all that remains of their species.
  • Far into the past, Pokémon lived under the protection of the Volcarona-turned-Sun Tehra, together and in harmony. But everything changed when the flare lion Solgaleo attacked.
  • During the events of Gen2, Lugia debates whether to return to the people of Johto who need his help against the elder god Giratina, or go fetch his chick Pleo and hide deeper into the world. The confidence of a team of Pokémon who are sure they can fetch the chick back safely provide him with an answer.
  • During the events of Gen2, Ho-Oh senses the people of Johto are in need of aid, and returns to the lands he once left, but is not strong enough to fight off the elder god Giratina. Seeing the sacrifice of teams of humans and their Pokémon however provide him the valor to push on until help arrives.
  • Having fought a secret war alone for thousands of years, Zygarde looms alone among dragonkind, his careful watch over the world not known nor understood. However, one Pokémon knows, the descendant of those who came from beyond the stars seeking asylum that Zygarde granted, and her race would gladly remind Zygarde that they value his continuous effort for the welfare of the Pokémon World.


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