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Beta reader and reviewer SpitefulMurkrow compiled, in their 2022 review posts (Serebii Forums)for the Playfield 10th Anniversary Entry, a soundtrack for the story built on Eurobeat themes from Initial D.

With this release the soundtrack could very well considered Semi-Canon.


  1. Fireball” by Ken Martin., also in Super Eurobeat presents Euromach 2.
  2. Deja Vu” by Dave Rodgers, also in Initial D.
    Youtube, Invidious.
  3. Speedy Speed Boy” by Maurizio de Jorio, also in Super Eurobeat vol. 124.
    Youtube Invidious, ,Soundcloud.
  4. Night of Fire” by Maurizio de Jorio, also in Eurobeat Style vol. 7.
    Youtube, Soundcloud.
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