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For documentation specific to the original SWC release see Legacy.



  • Two Pokémon race across the landscape. Why, where, when do they race? What is at stake and what can they earn? All these questions share a common, broad, yet simple and concise answer: time.


The original version of the story was posted ca. 2010 on PokéCommunity's SWC Contest. A re-release with new content and lore updates was published in 2019.

There is an announcement thread for syndication on Mastodon.


The story begins with the wild Pokémon going through their normal lives one day in some nondescript valley lands. A few Sentret scouts then notice a strong fire approaching from the east and a trail of flame courses through the clearings, surprising the many Pokémon there as the flames are strong enough to remain despite the presences having left long ago to the west. Unknown to the wild Pokémon there, the same scene has been taking place in other places in this particular day.

Later that day when the sun is setting, an Arcanine and Rapidash show up in the western coasts, emerging from the trail of fire, and they observe as the Sun is about to set. The two Pokémon discuss their recent race across the continent, a special event that they take part of only one day a year: the day of the Summer Solstice (in the southern hemisphere).

Both characters -and the many wild Pokémon around them- enjoy the sunset as the world seems to stand this for a moment. Longing for the times where both of them were younger and held easier, simpler lives, Eltenios and Berecien then agree to up the ante in their race, by heading back all the way to their starting point in the east in the shortest night of the year, and in that way achieving something that in their eyes only divine beings can do by meeting the Sun “four times” in a single day.

Both Pokémon then race off, to be seen maybe next year.



The only location referred to by name is the Mezze Estate, a large private land ownership near the heart of the country. It is also where the second scene with Eltenios and Berecien challenging each other as younglings take place.

Scenes across the story would take place in an East to West ordering on the north side of the Suocé map, with the beach scene taking place anywhere along the western coast from the La Plancha Sovereignty to Onias in the north.

General Information

Spanish Title: “Campo Traviesa

This oneshot was originally written as an entry for PokéCommunity's SWC 2009 (Small Writing Contest), where it got the 3rd place. It features the Arcanine who would later become Eltenios and his racing partner Rapidash who would later become Berecien, as the two race across the region of Suocé as part of their yearly ritual.

This is also the story that eventually brought the idea to create the Suocéverse.

The 2019 rewrite of the story officially gives the two Pokémon a name, after only Eltenios had been named during his participation in Wild Pokémon in the Big City.


Nothing in the story places Playfield at any specific point in time, except for the fact that the story takes place during the Summer Solstice of a given year over Suocé. Eltenios and Berecien are already adult Pokémon by this point, and the former should already be under the employ of the Cadrícean Sovereign, although this would become explicit only from the second edition onward as the Suocéverse as a setting (and the Muskedeer Pokémon themselves) did not exist back during the time of first publication.

The likely timeframe for the story is during the Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere, that is sometime between Dec 20 and Dec 22) of any year between 3722 PE(~11 before Gen1) (when Eltenios was already running errands for the Sovereignty's triad) and 3731 PE(~2 before Gen1) (the year Berecien's daughter is born) both inclusive.




Announcement Thread on Mastodon.


As of April 2018, the story is going through planning stage for a rewrite, effects of which should solidify the story's place in the Suocéverse as well as explain more of the background of Eltenios and Berecien as characters, complementing or correcting information that was lost in the first release due to the contest's time constraints.

As of December 2019, the rewrite of the story is completed and published, and this article is going to be updated to reflect the up-to-date information. The announcement for the rewrite version can be seen here (link pending).


The original entry was published for PokéCommunity's SWC Contest 2009.

Notable differences between that version and the current release:

  • Eltenios and Berecien did not have names.
  • Eltenios served a Gerbil Trio, the Entei member of which was hinted to be the Emperor of Flame.
  • Berecien hinted at being an accomplished battling Pokémon as well as a racer. This was removed in the rewrite.

Original Version links:

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Campo Traviesa
Two Pokémon race across the landscape. Why, where, when do they race? What is at stake and what can they earn? All these questions share a common, broad, yet simple and concise answer: time.
Dos Pokémon corren a través de los parajes de la región. ¿Quiénes son, de dónde vienen y a dónde van? ¿Por qué corren? Todas estas preguntas comparten una respuesta que es sencilla, concisa, amplia y absoluta: tiempo.
Release: PokéCommunity
Other: AO3 (2019), Serebii (2019) , Canalave (2020) , Thousand Roads (2022) , Canalave Library (2022)
fantasy, folklore
Eltenios, Berecien

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