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Gelid Remainder

This article pertains to a story that is at the time of this writing and still in development.


Far in the depths of the region of Caledoria, wild Pokémon become nervous and the nascent Sovereignty there suddenly falls under unrest due to chilling winds and tremors coming from beyond the mountains, where a rumored temple is said to host a vengeful “fire bird”. A local seer Eldinoa joins forces with two foreign trainers, Water specialist Lév and latest Championship runner-up Matja, to go explore the Crossed Winds Temple and lure the bird out; what they find out however is an even older Pokémon stuck there in pain as it was itself seeking rest from the world.


To be aired 201x


The story takes place an undetermined time between the events of G1/G3 (Near Apocalypse of 3733) and G2/G4 (Return of the Protectors) in Caledoria. It is a partial sequel to “Stars of Suocé(TBA) , following on Matja Zavek's adventures, and its ending connects directly with “Guild of Rienna(TBA) and the canon events of G2/G4.



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