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Dangerous Upgrade



  • Witnessing hints that the safeguards of the multiverse are breaking, Gamañel faces the Voice of Life in a surprise meeting, the two parties accusing each other of the impending doom of the PMD world.


Publication dates:

  • Act Ⅰ,Ⅱ: 2022-08-14
  • Act Ⅲ: 2022-10-22
  • Act Ⅳ: 2022-11-23 (10th Anniversary of Gates's release)

There's also an Announcement Thread on Mastodon.

FFN announcement.


Following the events of the Suocéverse piece in JoshTheWriter's Pokémon Legends Sinjoh debut chapter, Gamañel has witnessed firsthand how the DLC portals that allow the mainline PMD world to connect with other worlds and dimensions have run amok, coerced by dangerous threats to the multiverse.

Hours after the event, Gamañel has closed his shop and heads out of Post Town and into the rural areas , heading to his home. On a cart he carries the remains of the portals that were spontaneously spawned — and burned. He intends to rid of them, but is tempted to take a look at a few surviving pieces first, to try and discern what is happening.

It is during this examination that the general area where Gamañel is is covered by an energy dome and separated from the rest of the world temporarily. Cognizant of the powers that can achieve such feats, Gamañel readies his arguments and greets Eriš·keryá, the «Voice of Life», who has shown in the PMD world after a long absence with clear intent of getting rid of the portals — and maybe of Gamañel himself. And what's worse, she has brought company.


Gamañel, Eriš·keryá (“Voice of Life”), Girŋ·neryá


The story takes place on an unmarked road at most a few hours out of Post Town. Dialogue hints indicate the location is to the southwest from the town proper. No other locations are featured.

Three explorable locations from the Gates to Infinity game are mentioned: the Redlands, Kilionea and the Jaws (of Abyss), with the later being a postgame location. The Worldcore is also hinted at.


The story gives an initial showcase of a number of Fakémon planned for the Suocéverse by the time of original publication (Nov 2022), when they show among the various spectres of things that “want to become” within Erish's dome in Act Ⅳ.

The names Queraumballa, Wichuñuruja and Aviliva have been reserved for this development, but as of last edit of this document their release dates are undetermined.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at dangerous_upgrade (requires login).


Mentions of previous adventures of Feremiz's team, as well as mentions of the Espeon and Umbreon researchers with the magnagate cards, place the story at about a few weeks after Espeon and Umbreon are rescued by the main party in the game, and strictly a few weeks after Feremiz's attempt to get to the Redlands in Where We Live And Work .

Erishkeryá mentioning she is going to physically intervene in the matter at hand also hints that the story takes place shortly before Feremiz's exploration of the quarry where they finally meet the Hydreigon in person.


On each release site, Dangerous Upgrade references a number of stories that (ideally) have been published on the same platform. The list of currently credited authors is as follows, and it will be completed as more cross-releases are published:

  • Thousand Roads version:
    • Joshthewriter (Pokémon: Legends Sinjoh)
    • canisaries (Dragony)
    • Umbramatic (Heroes After All)
  • PokéCommunity
    • Lilygardy (The Rose of Team Magma) (TBA)
  • Archive of Our Own
    • (TBA)


Barring contest entries, Dangerous Upgrade is the first Suocéverse canon story to debut outside PokéCommunity. Previously Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~! had debuted in the WAAPT forum as it was originally a WAAPT gaiden, and only later was repurposed as a Suocéverse story.

Dangerous Upgrade
Dangerous Upgrade
Actualización Arriesgada
Witnessing hints that the safeguards of the multiverse are breaking, Gamañel faces the Voice of Life in a surprise meeting, the two parties accusing each other of the impending doom of the PMD world.
Primary: Thousand Roads
Others: PokéCommunity (2022), Archive Of Our Own (2023)
fantasy, PMD
Gamañel, Eriš·keryá (“Voice of Life”), Girŋ·neryá

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