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As They Were



«He wondered, if and when that time would come, would Virizion and his peers be allowed to return to the fog of myth, like the elder Champions who walked off into the fog of time and “retirement”. He wondered if the three siblings would then roam the realm without any more worries than to find their next meal for the day.»



This one-shot was my entry for the 2016 version of the SWC, under the prompt “nostalgia”. The story deals with the impressions one of the regents of the Cadrícean Soverignty, Virizion, has about the passing of time, the rites of old, and the people and roles that have to be replaced, as he and his siblings return from their 800 years of obscurity into the position of Rulers of the Sovereignty.

The entry has a reference to the original publication of Playfield, by way of a mention of Eltenios, thus securing both stories' places in the overall Suocéverse continuity.



The story is set in an undetermined place in the Cadrícean Sovereignty (Suocé) at a point in time in the years following the Cadrícean Draft (ca. 3728), when the three Legendaries returned to Cadrícea after the fall of Pokefutures, and up to around 3732 PE(~1 before Gen1) when the successor to Champion Nadia Shepard is designated.

Virizion's thoughts during the story regarding Eltenios, one of the envoys of the Sovereign, would place this story concurrent to the events in Playfield.



As They Were
Así Solía Ser
PokéCommunity's SWC 2016, Thousand Roads (2022)
After their return to prominence, Virizion of the Cadrícean Sovereignty ponder how much the world has changed, if they have changed with it, and if they would prefer things as they were back then, when they didn't have the weight of the realm on their shoulders.
Virizion, uno de los guardianes de Cadrícea, se pregunta cuánto ha cambiado el mundo en el tiempo que los Ciervos Guardianes han estado ausente; y al mismo tiempo, se pregunta si él mismo ha cambiado y si prefiere el mundo como era antes, cuando se había quitado de los hombros el peso de proteger a la región.
fantasy, character study
Virizion, Caolené

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