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Hell's Anoles

The faction called “Hell's Anoles” is a group of banding Cyclizar roaming the valleys and mountains of the Nrafhal continent of Génias, carrying out raids and ambushes without a clear documented goal.

While not exactly villainous, they do seek out any general deviations from order and peace to partake in; they seem to have no true allegiance to any other power in the setting and so long as there's chaos and scuffles that get them loot or prisoners to trade for, they'll stick around. They derive their name not only from the mayhem they bring but also from the fact that they often find themselves under the employment of villainous or antagonistic forces such as Hadarsbi, The Motherswail or the Horizontia-aligned Suicune.


The Anoles first appear mentioned in Owed Return where they attack a caravan of arboreal Pokémon, trying to kidnap their children; however the attempt is deflected by Eva Zor (a Chariot of Igernen outcast) who is traveling with the caravan, and the members whom he has tutored to defend themselves.


The idea for Hell's Anoles emerges from a discussion thread in the Thousand Roads chat server discussing the concept of AU takes of one's characters, as a counterpart to Lira (The Motherswai's original) and the biker gang she and her Trainer are members of.

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