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Gold Conference Tournament

The Gold Conference is an independent interregional tournament that is hosted every 2~4 years that encompasses the “four OG regions”: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, and in theory other Japan-analogue regions.

The tournament is adapted from the tournament and arc of the same name in WAAPT.


The Conference is set up as a single-bracket elimination tournament of Trainers holding 6v6 single battles, with limited switchout and with no item usage.

Unlike its source inspiration, the Gold Conference tournament is not the backdrop or setup for a multiversal threat, not that the participants know of.



The iteration of the tournament held in late 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) or in 3735 at the most, where Machalí sol Linaros is requested to join as attaché of PEFE, “synchronizes” with the first Gold Conference Arc in WAAPT and thus sets up the range of equivalent timeframe between the two universes.

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