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Gladys Farmalle

Gladys Farmalle Castañida is a character in the political background of the Suocé region. She is the President of the country during the time period when the Great Acrasan Earthquake and the Fall of Pokefutures take place.



Gladys is a person known for her wordiness and her stringent requirements when it comes to social matters. In her youth she was one of various activists who called for the joint construction of the Acrasa-Soncar ferryway. While she liked living with Pokémon, she strongly disliked training them and instead preferred academic studies on the field.

In the political arena she is known as an activist and political mover in what counts in-universe as the moderate left, mapping to what in IRL would be Social democracy. Her stubbornness and refusal to compromise in what she considered “basic debts” the regions had held in a number of issues regarding transportation and sustenance of the various provinces, were the signatures of her political campaigns.

Gladys, much like other renowned political figures from the northern side of Suocé, was a known sufferer of a particular “autumn outset” form of Seasonal Affective Disorder that was also endemic also to the southernmost inhabitants of the neighbour region of Rondovia.



This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Before Presidency

Presidential Term

Gladys headed the Presidential Municipals sometime in early 3726 PE(~7 before Gen1) . She enjoyed notorious support from the northern nationals, but her early term was mired by political pressure and misrepresentation in the international political court following the impasses between Eleanor Baduca's and Eduardo Hirsch's political teams. She put an important amount of work in resuming good political relations with Caledoria, and was the one to suggest joint military exercises between the navies of the two countries, which on the Suocéan side were assigned to newly promoted Commodore of the Suocéan Navy Yarade LeBlanc.

Sometime during 3728 PE(~5 before Gen1) , the worldwide fallout of the Fall of Pokefutures also hit the Suocéan Government. Armed with information that Pokefutures had a number of trusted and competitive Trainers under watch to recruit them and extract them from the country, political forces within Gladys' cabinet decided on a political move to strong-arm Gladys' opposition and give her term a definitive sensation of security. To this end, her cabinet gathered the information on the Trainers and, without her consent, used it to customize and launch a nation-wide incident response, which became Registro Cero. The execution of the incident response program had agents of the government going on the hunt of 11 reputable Trainers, among them Machalí sol Linaros and Ravir Eisenhorth.

The full scale of the government response to the local effects of Pokefutures, Registro Cero included, would cost Gladys' political term much trust. Gladys herself had to burn up much of her political capital in order to even bring her branch of the committees back to order, and she even took the decisive measure to sign an arrest warrant for all the members of the threat assessment committee, herself included, just so that some other agents could start a cleanup of the situation “from scratch”.

Pokefutures Aftermath

Ultimately the final blow to her term came a few days after signing the order, when the national League closed, stranding several thousand Trainers, employees and operatives.

After the fallout of the Fall had mostly passed, Gladys announced she would not seek re-election as had been her plan. She had already issued a Special Executive Order to have all the members of her cabinet, included herself, surrendered for arrest and the local offices of national intelligence audited, in a last ditch effort to regain trust from the Trainer community. She officially resigned two days after the SEO was issued, and disappeared from the political arena for several months.

Unbeknownst to Gladys and her committee, her resignation left the country leaderless at a key moment when then-Champion Nadia Shepard detected a new, severe threat against the country, but Nadia managed to MacGyver a special operation of her own to take down that particular threat. ( “Interim(TBA) )

Eventually, enough forces could band together at the provincial level to bootstrap an attempt to reorder the government and law enforcement, with their first full approval rating measure being to summon former President Alecio Mujica back into office for an emergency term.

Post Presidency

Gladys Farmalle retired from the political arena for a number of years, and went on to live with her family in the city of Désona. She returned to political activity ca. 3735 PE(~2 after Gen1) as one of the candidates for that year's Provincial Committee seats in her birth region of Trobia. She retried in 3737 PE(~4 after Gen1) and obtained a seat.

Under that seat she would eventually evaluate the official foundation of the city of Nueva Rasil, which included also the official nomination of its Fighting type Gym headed by Giorgio Sinde. The eventual formalization of the Gym (ca. 3741 PE(~8 after Gen1) ) basically brings Gladys full-circle to restoring the League that she inadvertently helped destroy.

Gladys Farmalle would later die ca. 3746 PE(~13 after Gen1) from complications due to a cancer treatment.

End spoilers.



  • Interim(TBA) (mentioned only)
Gladys Farmalle Castañida

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