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Gamañel is a Foongus of unknown origin currently living in the Suocéverse PMD world, working as the tenant of the DLC Shop in Post Town (Gates to Infinity).


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Gamañel's DLC shop, in-game.

Gamañel's origin and motivations are unknown to his peers in-universe. At some point around ten years before the events of Where We Live And Work , he arrived at Post Town and set up shop there, selling tapestries, embroideries and trinkets. He otherwise never mingled much with the rest of the town's populace, and never opened his store on weekends.


Gamañel has some degree of awareness regarding not only the existence of the multiverse, but also of the fact that the Post Town he lives in is part of a game; he is also aware that the plot time the player sees onscreen is only the latest iteration of a series of events involving the death of a number of previous, failed human heroes.

Given his capacity to craft QR code-like embroideries (technically AZTEC Codes) that can unlock access to DLC maps and other dimensions, it is probable that Gamañel also has some degree of reality manipulation. This is however not confirmed.

As seen in the crossover event with JoshtheWriter's Pokémon Legends Sinjoh, Gamañel not only is aware of the Suocéverse multiverse, but also of the existence of other Pokémon multiverses as well.

Character History

Before Gates

Around 10 years previous to the events of Gates to Infinity, Gamañel lived in an unknown location where he somehow developed or acquired the artistic technique to (despite lacking usable thumbs) craft embroideries with various tapica-like patterns, much like how Inca embroideries are crafted. While the majority of those embroideries were mundane, others contained a secret: certain tapestries were keys to generate and unlock a map to unspecified locations in different dimensions via Gates's DLC shop. In Gamañel's own words, each tapestry “opens the path to a world that did not exist”.

Gamañel is implied to have met both Girŋ·neryá/Girn (former guardian of the Hellsmouth / Jaws of the Abyss) and Eriš·keryá/Erish (aka “The Voice of Life” Hydreigon) from before the events of Gates, and is aware of the fact that both of them bring Humans into the PMD world. It is hinted he also knows they are not native to the PMD world either.

Starting some years ago, Gamañel sought humans as his most special clientèle for the gate tapestries, trading on the resulting DLC maps to his business' advantage. Up until the finale of Dangerous Upgrade it was not made clear that he is partially, if not *fully*, aware of the relevance humans have on that subject; he knows full well that many of his human clients have died recently, but seems to not be aware that all those deaths are related to the Bittercold specifically.

Gates and the Bittercold

At some point during the on-screen plot of Gates to Infinity, Gamañel offers his services to Feremiz, warning him that he would otherwise end up dead like his predecessors if he does not make use of the advantages Gamañel is selling him ( Making the World Go ’Round ). Gamañel would insist at times on striking business with Feremiz, but the currently-Tepig is understandably creeped out.

After Espeon and Umbreon join the party, an event occurs where their Magnagates and even Gamañel's own tapestries start behaving wildly, materializing portals to strange worlds. The portals are short-lived but Gamañel manages to store some of the tapestries for further examination. Pondering the matter alone, Gamañel fears something is causing enough damage to the multiverse to eventually make the entire plot of Gates… run amok, to the point that “only one save slot might not be able to save [us]”. (Pokémon Legends Sinjoh Ch.1)

Later that day while returning to his home out of town, Gamañel is intercepted by Erishkeryá / the Voice of Life, who encases herself and him in a dimensional dome similar to the ones seen in Legends: Arceus. She and Girngneryá warn they have come for “the final battle”, as they had thought the multiverse breakage was a sign of the Bittercold showing up. Erish came with clear intention of disposing of “the threat” and of Gamañel if he interfered, and the Foongus was fairly defensive that he was not the one failing the world as Erish had done by bringing in humans.

The two bickered over their role on the plot but once they realize the portals materializing indicate a “side matter”, unrelated to the Bittercold, Girng forces Erish and Gamañel to reach a truce and makes sure Gamañel's pile of rescued portal patterns is destroyed. ( Dangerous Upgrade )

At the very end of the meaning, feral Pokémon start materializing in the dome. Girng kicks Gamañel out of the dimensional dome, with a warning to take care of himself and of the one portal embroidery that Gamañel managed to keep intact.

Post e-Shop Closure

With the e-Shop closing its services in March 2023, while the main plot of Gates is still unresolved onscreen as of November 2023, it is left unclear whether Gamañel will continue having a role as a DLC Shop tenant or even having any further role providing assistance to Feremiz. Likewise, once the main plot of Gates is solved, his business is no longer of use to human heroes, e-Shop closure or not.


Gamañel has enough of a moral code (or a need to do legit business) that he will only take up “real money” in payment for his tapestries, for example he mentions that he won't accept walled garden tokens such as Steam Wallet, or cryptocurrenty such as Bitcoin. He also apologizes for offering unsolicited financial advice, and recommends Feremiz to use the Save feature every morning.

While Gamañel considers that his artisanship is the more advanced craft to interact with alternate dimensions and considers the experiments Espeon and Umbreon carry out no more than “amateur play”, he does not abuse this advantageous position to outdo his “competition” and take over the (yet-to-be-born) market of interdimensional travel. In fact he considers Espeon and Umbreon's work a form of “free advertising” and more oriented towards scholarship. Still, it is never made clear who Gamañel's other customers in this business are.

In Dangerous Upgrade, Gamañel is shown to be a bit of a fan of Sir Aaron and his Lucario, since the time they were young and were in apprenticeship (as explored in Umbramatic's Heroes After All); however he is well aware to avoid attaching himself to their life adventure since he knows they are “doomed by canon”.



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