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(See also Firuz)

Feremiz is a male Tepig in the PMD world that works as one of the members of Team Idílljrot and secretly a human. He takes on the role of the “protagonist” of the Gates to Infinity plotline.

Character History

Like an undetermined number of humans before him, Firuz was Isekai'd from a different world (:?:undecided(meta/in-universe) from a WAAPT alternate timeline probably) to the world of PMD and Gates to Infinity, where he was given the form of a Tepig. Suffering amnesia and following instructions to not reveal his identity, he mixed his name with the name of the lead character in a book he was reading, resulting in Feremiz.

He joined Volyrina's nascent endeavour in Post Town in the hopes of finding information to recover his memory, one of the clues he's following being the recurrence of a three-headed dragon in his dreams.

Feremiz's adventures have their ups and downs. At some point and while exploring the lands west of Post Town, the team is caught in an accident and Feremiz is injured, necessitating an early return home for the team. The failure, a growing headache and the discovery that Volyrina has been using their hut as a office and storage room, further mire his mood, and things only improve once he realizes that Volyrina can't help but feel it inadequate the hut that it took them good effort to buy would go unused. ( Where We Live And Work )

His team is also reported to have had another accident while exploring the lands of Kilionea. Eventually they manage to track down the tree-headed dragon and continue the overall storyline of Gates from there.

Unlike most / all the humans previous to him however, Feremiz might be able to succeed in his adventure before returning home, being spared the experience of death required to send back home those who fail.


Feremiz's name is partially based on that of lead character Beremiz Samir from Malba Tahan's The Man Who Counted. This book was what Firuz was reading when he was Isekai'd into the Pokémon world, and thus one of the few things that remains in his memory.

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