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Fastest Pokémon

The following section deals with Lore details.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.

General information about the speeds Pokémon can achieve in the Suocéverse.

Running Speed

In the mainline Pokéverse, Berecien (Rapidash) and Eltenios (Arcanine) are the fastest running Pokémon recorded in modern times as per measurements after the time of Playfield . Their speeds allow them to cross the entire continent where Suocé is located, from east to west, in a day's light. Eltenios has a lower top speed but higher endurance at cruise speed, and can achieve similar feats.

Unofficial calculations assuming the path the two Pokémon took on December 21st that year had about the same length as the width of the continent at Lagerenza'i, Paraguay (~3100 km wide) and was at the same latitude as Córdoba, Argentina, would set the top speed the two Pokémon can reach on land comfortably within the range of 190 km/h.

Flight Speed

Pokédex entries describe Garchomp as being able to reach ~1220 km/h, presumably at

Latii can reach top speeds in the range of Mach 4 (~5'000 km/h) unassisted. When using their Soul Dew for protection they can reach speeds within the range of Mach 7.

Rayquaza can reach even higher speeds when using Dragon Ascent at exosphere altitudes, however his speed within local atmosphere is limited to about Mach 14.


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