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Fall of Pokefutures

The “Fall of Pokefutures” refers to a series of events taking place in the timeframe from 3727 PE(~6 before Gen1) to 3730 PE(~3 before Gen1) , primarily in the region of Angela and that resulted in the dissolution of international conglomerate Pokefutures and the birth of a number of splinter cells such as Cipher.

See Pokefutures for background on the organization.

Inciting Incidents

By early 3725, an industrial saboteour known only as "S" had appeared in Emisre to target various facilities of old pharma companies whose histories were related to the birth of Pokefutures. By 3726, it was obvious to investigators that the attacker was building up strength to directly attack the corporation and that whoever it was, they knew things about the corporation's assets that were out of reach to the general public.

Sometime early 3727, a group of Trainers uncovered poaching activity in Hoenn by a group separate from the usual poaching influences on the region. One of the three Trainers, codenamed "Tangent", tracked down the flow of money and assets to the region of Angela by following iconography emblazoned on some documents and vehicles the poachers used, and as information of a possible poaching ring spread around the grapevine, a group of Trainers organized to journey to the region to carry out a secret investigation.


Sometime in 3728 PE(~5 before Gen1) , the secret group of Trainers had found out evidence that suggested Pokefutures was directly involved in the management of the poachers, but it was impossible for them to obtain more information without accessing Pokefutures' databases directly.

At about the same time, a firefighter report on an incident where “S” had attacked a distributor for the corporation, raised rumours that either Pokefutures or one of their subsidiaries was using Empathetic Array technology, which was forbidden in all the regions of the continent at the time. Armed with this information, the secret Trainers decided to raid one of the main Pokefutures datacenters directly to review the information in-situ and release it if it was deemed too dangerous.

Final Raid

The initial raid was carried out by Tracer and a few Trainers including Machalí sol Linaros; another simultaneous raid on employee facilities was carried out by trainers such as Harte Lippi as a distraction. The lead Trainers managed to uncover evidence incriminating Pokefutures not only on the purge of the Rienna Valley Sovereignty and the recruitment of League officers in the Kalosian and Galarian Conference Leagues, but also on their involvement with the Emisre government and on their plans to carry out a new purge on the Sovereignty of Mount Piutá.

Given the power the conglomerate had and the potential of not making it out of Angela alive, the Trainers decided to not wait for confirmation and instead disseminate the records immediately. Machalí sol Linaros secretly made it to Sauzalito and disseminated the information from there, later escaping to Caledoria. Harte Lippi was captured in Silbern City while attempting to disseminate the information; and Tagg took refuge in the Kantonian embassy in Angela while spreading the captured data.

By the end of that day, news outlets worldwide had obtained and spread the information, and with the heavy connections the corporation had with the Emisrean and Angelan governments, the reveal of Pokefutures' practices hit hard enough to take down their entire governments.

The President incumbent of Angela was forced to resign 36 hours after the data was revealed, and within the following 96 hours, at least 18 countries had the Angelan and Emisrean embassies and Pokefutures corporate offices in their territories raided, including the offices in Vys Ocassum, Suocé, which were raided by Elite Four member Domingo Reubens.

The CFO of Pokefutures, Reámus Delmonte, was killed by border officers of Dalacia while trying to infiltrate the country. An assassin presumed to be “S” targetted and killed a number of Pokefutures officers including Camus Albrond, the security officer that was to be assigned to the purge of Piutá.

The CEO of Pokefutures, Albert Voynich, was a scapegoat put there by the board but he turned the tables on the board, had most of them delivered for arrest, and managed to escape to Orre. An international order for his capture “dead or alive” was issued in 3728 leading to no results at least as far as 3741 PE(~8 after Gen1) .

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