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Rise to the Top

This article is about a separate work not part of the Suocéverse and is here mostly for reference. Check the links section if it exists for official links.
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Rise to the Top (“RttT” in this wiki for short) is a post-based roleplay game that runs in PokéCommunity starting October 2020 under management by user Morganatri. The game follows a number of Trainers looking to qualify into the Master Rank of a new iteration of the World Coronation Series or “World Championships” (the term is used in different ways across the franchise).

The structure of the RP is split into two sections: the qualifying rounds, which are managed by each player, and the WC rounds, which are player versus player matches. Each player signed in controls one Trainer with a team of up to 8 Pokémon while they fight their way up the class ladder, starting at any of the lower classes of their choosing (Normal, Great or Ultra) and ending eventually as part of the Master Rank.

Ravir Eisenhorth was signed as a participant to the Championship on Oct 30, 2020. A few other characters from the Suocéverse also make an appearance.





Qualifying Rounds

Great Rank #1
Ravir 3v3 Talea
Kirlia “Archo” / Trace

Psyshock, Signal Beam, Hyper Voice, ????

Duraludon “Iedol” / Light Metal

Flash Cannon, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Stealth Rock

Pinsir “Sitella” / Hyper Cutter

X-Scissor, Body Slam, Swords Dance, ????

Yanmega “Zessin” / undetermined

????, ????, ????, ????

Pokémon? / undetermined

????, ????, ????, ????

Pokémon? / undetermined

????, ????, ????, ????

Opening Post

World Championship Rounds

FIXME to be continued



Players from the Roleplay

  • Lana Alanis-Young AKA QueenNothing
  • Mihira Anand AKA Aquacorde
  • Courtney Nair AKA Eleanor
  • Carrie Tanner AKA Groc
  • Caelan Blake AKA Caecae97
  • Alaka Malina AKA gimmepie
  • Lei Keahi AKA Morganatri (GM)

Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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