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PEFE Articles

Since 2010 or something… a good time ago, anyway, I am a member and contributor to the Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition Project or PEFE for short, where a group of worldbuilders write pseudo-scientific articles on Pokémon species and concepts. While the articles are not necessarily canon to the Suocéverse because of being an external source, they do comprise an important element of both inspiration and worldbuilding regarding the Suocéverse, and as part of my works, the articles I have contributed are included here.

Starting with the moving of my articles to a self-managed host in 2013, the articles I published went to an unofficial wiki-in-progress; however, since that never made it up to release, starting 2017 I've decided to host my contributions, as well as their history info, here.

These articles constitute content associated with PEFE Project, serving more as prior art and inspiration; they should not be taken as primary canon for the Suocéverse.

Compare and contrast (Fiction) Published material.

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