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Eriš·keryá is a Hydreigon (or maybe a Hydreigon-shaped entity) that lives in the PMD world where Gates to Infinity takes place. Strictly speaking she is a variant Hydreigon of nondescript nature so far.

She is sometimes known by the role she plays in the mainline PMD World as the Voice of Life.

The name Eriš·keryá is sometimes rendered as “Erishkeryá” or “Erish” in short, for ease of use and typing. Erishkeryá is a redirect.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Eriš·keryá [devel] (requires login).

Eriš·keryá's origins are unknown, other than the fact that she and her consort Girŋ·neryá (sometimes “Girn” in short) originally appeared in the PMD world in the Worldcore but came from elsewhere - presumably from a different dimension altogether. She is at least a few centuries old and has been living hidden from the world until the events leading to Gates… force her to make her presence known.

It is said that the Voice of Life represents “the world's will to live”, or “the world's survival instinct”; but (unique to the Suocéverse portrayal of the Voice of Life) she and Girŋ·neryá describe her role as something closer to “the world's tension of death”, in the sense that she seeks to prevent the world from filling up with “dead beings”.


It is presumed Eriš·keryá's appearance is largely that of a normal Hydreigon except for the details that mark her as a Variant (Pokémon category). The same goes for her consort Girng·neryá.

If going by the description of her remote body in Dangerous Upgrade , Erish's real form compared to a normal Hydreigon has longer and broader wings, more ragged fur or feather covering for her body, and a potential birth mark or branding of some sort in the front side of her neck. Her colour pattern would be largely the same as that of a normal Hydreigon.


Eriš·keryá has a number of unique skills that are not seen in any other mortal Pokémon. It is not completely determined in-universe which of those skills are natural or inherent to her and which ones are inherent to her role as the Voice of Life.

As the Voice of Life, one confirmed ability is that she can scan out through the multiverse for sapient beings that have a given charisma and “strength of will”, and she can summon those beings into the mainline PMD world. If those beings are not Pokémon, they are subject to a cosmological barrier that shields the world from non-Pokémon intervention, but Eriš·keryá can partly bypass the barrier allowing the outside entities to cross into the PMD world by becoming Pokémon themselves and retaining their “soul”, the core elements of their identity.

She and Girng are also confirmed capable of a form of remote presence, perhaps similar to Astral projection except they are capable of conjuring a simple physical body. It is this mechanism by which she makes her debut in Dangerous Upgrade as she indicates her real form is encased in the Worldcore during that time.

As Dangerous Upgrade also shows, Eriš·keryá can conjure large multidimensional domes, the nature of which seems to be similar to the domes caused by Giratina's intervention in Legends Arceus. The domes allow for passage to and from a different world of undetermined nature but that at least does have Pokémon in it.

Her combat skills are undetermined besides being those of a standard Hydreigon. As for development plans, given her inspirations she would have access to a couple of unique moves, with one of them likely being Grand (Im)pulse.


Erish in Dangerous Upgrade shows to be bickering, angery and prone to find fault in others in her encounter with Gamañel. However it is not shown in-universe how much of this is a deviation from the characterization of the Voice of Life in Gates to Infinity (which presents a more cordial, loose and mission-oriented take on the character) and how much is due to stress from the situation she finds herself in.

Gamañel takes note during his encounters with her that Eriš·keryá quite often tends to get fed up with her interlocutor and just flatly look like she'd just eat them right there. Presumably part of this is just normal Hydreigon behaviour, and in fact Gates's postgame canonically depicts the Voice of Life as a quite difficult consumer to please for La Signora's hostel.

At some point Gamañel even notes that Eriš·keryá looked ready to kill and eat her own consort, Girŋ·neryá, at a moment where he let out a particularly damning jab at her behaviour. The fact that both of them were actually physically separate at that time attending the meeting via some sort of remote bodies did not seem to impact her apparent eagerness to consume her own mate this way.

When Erish feels doubtful or pressured, she is shown to fret and “debate” in hushes with her two arm heads.

Character History

Erishkeryá's activities previous to the events of Gates are largely unknown, other that she has been tracking down the Bittercold for at least a few decades.

Erishkeryá would several times summon humans to try and combat the ever-growing threat of the Bittercold, but the intervention of Munna and Kyurem and the fact that she could not be physically present to provide assistance most of the time, led to most of those humans failing to complete their quest and being killed off; until eventually Feremiz, arrived into the PMD world transformed into a Tepig, manages to disarm the Bittercold as part of the canon events of Gates.

She also had a tense relationship with Gamañel in the meantime as both of them were betting their livelihood and, up to a point, the fate of the world, in their different abilities to interact with the human world.

After the events of Gates's normal storyline, Erishkeryá stays in Post Town for a while to experience life as a “normal” Pokémon, before planning her return to the Worldcore to meet with her consort. Their plans for later, and any reaction to the plot elements of Super Mystery Dungeon, are undetermined.



Eriš·keryá and Girŋ·neryá are named after the figures of Mesopotamian mythology Ereškigal (sometimes calles Ereshkigal) and Nergál (sometimes called Nergal or Girunuigal) respectively, the guardians of the Irkalla, land of the underworld, and of afterlife. This reflects how the Voice of Life is met in the role of a being that, as the trope goes in the Pokémon fandom's take on Isekai, has to receive a human into the Pokémon world once they die in the human world.

As Ereškigal was the only one allowed to pass new laws in Irkalla, Eriš·keryá can pass laws in the limbo between worlds and in the Worldcore, that would otherwise defy the tenets of reality: she can summon human beings from different worlds, change someone's species, and (in conjunction with the Worldcore) grant one wish there regardless of its nature.

The full name uses typographical symbols and diacritics from at least two different scripts ("š" (s-with-caron) from Uralic/Czech and "á" (a-with-acute) from Portuguese, Spanish), and an interpunct (potentially as a palatal marker). The simpler Latin-1 form “Erishkeryá” is used sometimes in the wiki for convenience in writing and as a redirect.

In-universe, the short form “Erish” (from Eris) is sometimes used, either as a term of endearment (in particular by Gamañel) or sometimes as an insult.


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