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Entralink 2018 Collaboration Event

A crossover event taking place during early 2018 where the Suocéverse and the WAAPT continuities, and their communities, intermingle.

Basic Details

As part of WAAPT's ongoing Entralink Arc, the setting's “Team Mobius” has managed to open a rift in the foundation of the multiverse, opening connections not only across the various WAAPT continuities and timelines, but also extending to multiverses beyond their own, where the various authors have a share of influence. One such connection opens portals that bring the WAAPT setting in touch with the Suocéverse setting, allowing the characters of each side to explore the other.

The event takes place in the WAAPT Forum and details are discussed in the suocéverse Chatroom and in the WAAPT community's thread for the Collaboration Event.

Plot Lines

On the Suocéverse side of things, in the far future, Zygarde detects the openings from his new vantage point in the Suocéverse's PMD dimension, and he and various Pokémon and Trainers across the dimensions need to deal with the various openings and the threats that might not only emerge from them, but also try and escape into them.

In the Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty, tensions arise as one of the portals opens very close to the Dragon shrine, breaking the Sovereignty's security.

Somewhere else, Sainier enters into one of the portals, hoping to make sure it is not a ploy by Pokefutures remnants, and appears in the WAAPT setting.

All across the WAAPT original universe, various of Zygarde's Dunsparce followers from his time in the “mainline” Suocéverse dimension cross into the WAAPT dimension to spread the word of their great Wyrm Lord.

Finally, Zygarde's interests in the event will be revealed when agents from the Suocéverse discover the presence of a special artifact in the WAAPT 'verse, an artifact that if brought to the Suocéverse could break forever the balance between humans and Pokémon.

Elements Introduced

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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