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A different incarnation of the character concept, still retaining the name “Eltenios”, shows up as one of the members of lead Team Traveller in the Fledglingsverse, a PMD-esque setting with SpitefulMurkrow and Virgil134 as the co-developers. SpitefulMurkrow's Fledglings take on the character draws more closely from the character concept as it would port in Big City and places this core concept in the setting of a huge sea with sparse, struggling islands to develop him.

In the Fledglingsverse, Eltenios is a Growlithe who used to live in a Mystery Dungeon in his childhood, part of an island annexed by one of the two big powers of the setting. During the annexation period he lived with his mother, an Arcanine named Sirmia but got separated from her and had to wander the MD alone for a time, struggling to survive on his own. While Sirmia joined an escape attempt and tried to reach back to the MD, she was not able to make it in time, and left her fellow escapees Pekka and Pyry with a request to find the Growlithe and take him under their wing.

Eltenios loved to run (what Eltenios doesn't) but his escape had him thrown out to the world and he ended up being signed up and confined to the Iron Fleet, a pirate crew led by Captain Hess. For a few years Eltenios would go on pirate adventures that would eventually land him in an assault on Tromba, the island of resident protagonists Nida and Crom of Team Traveller, where he and others of his bunch are captured after the Protector Pleo attempts to defend the settlement.

After the island sees confrontation against other powers coming in to claim Pleo, Eltenios would be forcibly signed up to Team Traveller as part of his “community service”, tasked with helping them get Pleo back. Taking a page from the Pokémon games perhaps, the other two decide to nickname him “Elty” because they don't want to bother with his full name, and the nick has since stuck. Eltenios still seeks to shakes off his “affiliation” to Tromba and return to the Iron Fleet, but over time he slowly (veeeery slooowly) comes to care more about his current teammates he's stuck with.

An element of note is that even in this new setting, Eltenios and Berecien share a number of connections: their families hailing from the same homeland and their current lines of work present potential for having them meet and develop a notorious relationship, what with putting a pirate-turned-reluctant-hero together with a nobleman double-dutying as a soldier for Honor. This and some other factors maintain the nod to their relationship in Playfield .

SpitefulMurkrow has published in the Fledglings thread a special, The Deepest Wounds (1) (2) (3), that covers the origins of Eltenios in the setting and how did he end up joining the Iron Fleet.

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