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Early Life

Eltenios was in his child years part of a wild pack living east of Javise and his life was for the most part unremarkable. The pack was one among the various groups of wild Pokémon taking advantage of the growth spurt of the Javise / Ísparus road chain to look for stability and food, sometimes even tricking human travellers or stealing food from them; Eltenios' pack would often cross paths with the Houndour packs roaming from the western side of the country.

Among the few adventures that Eltenios' pack would see over the years, their exploration of the mountainous terrain to the northeast would have them attempt to trail a rumoured “Emperor of Fire” , a mythical figure suspected by some to be a Entei living in the cliffs of Northern Suocé.

Eventually the years came and went by, pack members grew older and started going their own ways, and as the pack split Eltenios joined a small pack formed by a few of his buddies. This pack, interested in the potential for running and exploring undisturbed, migrated to the eastern side of the Javise chain and explored the desert and the paths to the north, and often went around Salípolis and its surrounding settlements to reach the rich grounds of the Mezze Estate. It was in their attempts to sneak into the grounds for various activities and escapades there that they would face local opposition, and Eltenios would come to meet Berecien the (back then) Ponyta, and the two would over time become friends.

In some gatherings Eltenios took part in around the Estate and the grounds leading to the cities, he sometimes spoke of seeing the rumoured Emperor of the North around the easternland, but never disclosed anything else about those sightings to no one besides Berecien.

Becoming an Envoy

At some point near 3720 one of the deer regents of the southern Sovereignty, Cobalion, took notice of Eltenios and his abilities to wander around the grounds of both Pokémon and humans. The deer were at the time looking for Pokémon they could recruit to their service, and after Sahlai ran a background check on the canine, Terrakion agreeded that Eltenios would make an excellent addition.

One of the deer went with an envoy and intercepted the pack that Eltenios was a member of, then offered him a permanent job under the rule of the Sovereign. Eltenios' pack, worn out over the years, conceded that this line of work would secure Eltenios for the foreseeable future and they advised him he should go. Eltenios was warned by the deer that his service would be signed in for life, and while initially reluctant Eltenios eventually agreed.

For his induction as an envoy of the Cadrícean Sovereignty, Eltenios was forced to evolve via Fire Stone and put under charge of Terrakion (Serebii Character Interviews). He would be employed as a secure courier for both messages and items of interest that the Sovereign considered of high importance to move around and protect. For his first mission, Eltenios was tasked with the recovery of two suspectedMoltres eggs from the Crossed Winds Temple in Caledoria, mission that was ultimately failed due to external circumstances ( “Gelid Remainder(TBA) ). Upon his return Eltenios sought the “Emperor of the North”, and he mentioned the figure gave him an implicit approval of his line of work, but it is not known if Eltenios actually met this entity.

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