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Eltenios is a male Growlithe specimen, later Arcanine. A wild Pokémon serving the guardians of the Cadrícean Sovereignty, he roams the region of Suocé running errands for the rulers. As an envoy of the Sovereigns of Cadrícea he enjoys some particular protections and is tasked with missions the Sovereign consider critical for the short-term stability of the realm. He is one of the main characters of Playfield .

The base character (see Character Concept) is also the Fledglingsverse.



Eltenios is a Growlithe / Arcanine and looks as such. He has always lived as a wild specimen, although in more recent times in his life he carries himself much closer to both Pokémon and human civilization.

Competitive since early age, Eltenios has developed a fair amount of muscle and fluff; his body build and constitution allow him such feats as cruising across the Suocé mainland for an entire day barring food stops. Much to his chagrin however sometimes he is mistaken for being less muscle and more fat, something that carries from earlier interpretations of the character.


Eltenios can be described largely as a Pokémon born into a world of few basic rules, who did not know he had freedom nor knew what to do with it during his early life, and had the good fortune of learning impactful life lessons without having to spend or trade away most of this freedom. Growing as a wild Pokémon in a competitive wilderness he honed his abilities without realizing until they earned him a position and role that for most of Pokémonkind is seen as “larger than life”.

As a child his inexperience was somewhat countered by his pack's bravado and his eagerness to take challenges and readiness to learn from them. Even though the world of the wild Pokémon is dangerously paced and does not really support long-term attachments, he managed to grow and sustain long-term relationships in his childhood that lasted into his adulthood, and a certain fame to not back down from a challenge or from anything that “needs doing”.

Even in his adulthood Eltenios retains much of the carefree attitude he had as a child, except it now masks his larger experience and more collected worldview instead of his bravado and inexperience. Testament to this is his response to Berecien, his best friend, questioning the potential that the Deer Sovereign would give him an Impossible Task: “I'd have to do it, would they order me to”. He is quick to mock friends, even Berecien (Playfield), is eager to participate in communal activities when given the chance, and does not hold strong attachments to any place or group that prevent him from, more or less in his words, going wherever the wind takes him (Serebii Character Interviews).

All that said, Eltenios is not growing any younger and he sometimes resents that his choices in life and his new line of work means he no longer knows what he would do after he has to retire, or if he would even capable of anything else.

One aspect of the character discussed in the meta is that Eltenios' close friendship with Berecien would be one of the few aspects where Eltenios interacts with trained Pokémon regularly, and their friendship would have grown to the point that Eltenios, formerly a child Growlithe part of a gang that had to be frequently run out of the Estate grounds, is now much welcome by his friend who would even invite him to spend some time doing more “human” activities, such as watching movies.

The original Playfield has Eltenios be the one that remarks on the various legends humans have about Pokémon like Arcanine and Rapidash; while for a rewrite knowledge knowledge of the Rapidash myth would sensibly go to Berecien, Eltenios would likely still be the one to point out -and be highly proud of- the fact that the lore humans have about Pokémon of their kind is part of the reason why their species are respected and sought for.


The foremost trait that Eltenios has perfected and that distinguishes him among the best of his peers — to the point of being one of the two reasons he was recruited — is his incredible constitution and endurance. Provided he starts the day with food and energy, Eltenios won't back down, won't stop moving and won't stop trying to get done whatever he believes he has to do; and his mindset is also trained in correspondence with his body. It's even in the name: “Eltenios” from the Esperanto verb for “to endure”.

As a canine Pokémon Eltenios also enjoys good senses of scent and hearing, and they support a decent spatial memory he has built from years of wandering from place to place. In the middle of forests that don't change too much, or of large cities where most large buildings and structures are already set to stay, Eltenios can easily find his path and navigate around obstacles, as well as locate specific landmarks.

While serving known Sovereign, Eltenios is not EX Branded and thus has none of the protections the Branding imbues on the marked Pokémon; still, Eltenios can make up for the difference on his own, and he boasts of not having ever been tagged by a Pokéball nor by the sensors of the Pokédexes of the trainers he has fought; obviously the first claim is true, though the second is much harder to qualify. On his own, Eltenios has been capable of feats that have earned him the attention, zeal and pride of the wild Pokémon population of Suocé, such as racing the Sun to the dawn of the shortest day of the year (), and at least in eastern Suocé he is considered by wild Pokémon a sort of folk hero.

Character History

Before Cadrícea

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).
For details about Eltenios' backstory check Eltenios/Backstory.

End spoilers.


As a Cadrícean Envoy

Eltenios has one known acquaintance in the world of trained Pokémon, a racing Rapidash from Émpovi named Berecien. While he used to be part of a pack, he no longer retains stable contact with them because of his job. Due to his age, it is likely his parents have already passed away.

At some point in his life as a Growlithe, Eltenios joined one of the three Cadrícean Deer in their journey across the Javisé chain and when they returned to Cadrícea he migrated to the southernlands as well. Eventually he was recruited into the inner circle of the three Deer by Terrakion.

At an unknown point in between his employment for the Sovereign and the events of Generation 1/3, Eltenios and Berecien raced the Sun in the day of the solstice, then all the way back to the East, the two Pokémon beating it in the shortest night of the year ( Playfield ).

At an also undetermined point in time before Generation 1/3, and while he was resting in the Mezze Estate on the way to deliver a message to the Sovereign from the Pokémon living in the northern side of the continent, Eltenios told some details of his life story to an interviewer who got to the place looking for him (Serebii Character Interviews).

Combat Style

Eltenios does not usually engage in direct combat, his line of work making such kind of combat inadvisable; instead, what could be called his “fighting style” is geared towards interrupting attackers and securing a safe escape.


Eltenios's ability is :?:undecided(meta/in-universe). The most likely candidate setup is that he and Berecien share the Flash Fire ability.

Techniques non-canon / currently undecided as of this writing:


  • Playfield (main character).
  • As They Were (mentioned only)
  • Interim(TBA)
  • Stars of Suocé(TBA) (cameo)

Other Media


Due to his exposure, Eltenios is one of two characters together with Inka that could be considered one of the Suocéverse's flagships. He is also the character that has appeared or been hinted to in the most amount of works both in the Suocéverse and out, and he has even more screentime planned for. Moreover, the character concept he builds from has been shared and has seen good mileage under SpitefulMurkrow's adaption of him for the Fledglingsverse.

Eltenios' mock voice actor in an audiovisual adaptations of his appearances would be Ernesto Lezama (“Togusa” in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex LatAm dub; “Kaworu” in Neon Genesis Evangelion LatAm dub).

Character Concept

Eltenios first originated as one of the two then-unnamed protagonists in PokéCommunity's SWC 2009 entry, Playfield. The original character concept was for a Pokémon that, even though living in the wild, had nothing to envy of trained Pokémon taught to fight. The idea was later adapted into the Wild Pokémon in the Big City roleplay, where he joined the cast and was first named, and was given a role as a courier more in line with his stated role as a wild courier in Playfield. Later he was readapted to the WAAPTverse as a guest character, making a short stint as a replacement fighter mon for Gary Oak's team during the 2012 Gold Conference Arc.


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Name Origin

Eltenios' name comes from the Esperanto language, an adaption of the conjugated future of the verb elteni, “to endure”; the name is, as stated by Eltenios himself, taken to mean that he will endure and won't ever give up, this most likely referring to his love of racing and roaming the realm of Suocé.

The Fledglingsverse version of Eltenios also points out this element a number of times, though most other characters don't care to listen to him about it and just keep calling him “Elty”.


  • Eltenios is the first Pokémon character in the Suocéverse to be officially named (after his 2011 appearance in Big City).
  • In Big City, when threatened by Haunter about his lack of fighting ability, Eltenios responds that moving stuff around, and people to safety, is his strong suit – precisely as he has fooled Haunter's companions into bringing an injured Jet to safe harbour.
    • That said, from an empirical perspective Eltenios' actual strong point seems to be street smarts and mind games in that verse, as he's managed to extract information from all of Scyther, Katan, Aaron and Haunter in different occasions where he was the one captured or otherwise targetted.
  • Eltenios had a short stint as one of Gary Oak's Pokémon in the Gold Conference arc in WAAPT; this was a temporary position his WAAPT incarnation was signed into.
  • Eltenios is the Suocéverse character with the most appearances in non-Suocéverse works, including Big City, WAAPT, Fledglings and Serebii's Character Interviews.

Cadrícean Sovereignty, Terrakion

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