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Elite Four

The “Elite Four” is the name given to a group of four Trainers considered the strongest of a regional Conference circuit besides the conference's Champion. Depending on the region, they also perform different duties on behalf of the local Conference or the local Government; for example, the Kanjoh E4 were at a time investigative agents and shock forces for the government following the disbanding of Team Rocket, and the Suocé E4 provide tactical operation services for the government as well as periodic tutoring services for Trainers wandering in close proximity to either of the region's Sovereignties.

See also: Elite Four.

Suocé Maribel Dolotov · Domingo Reubens · Léos Ward · Yarade LeBlanc
Caledoria ? · ? · ? · ?
Emisre ? · ? · ? · ?
Dalacia Does not have an Elite Four set
Krasnoska Does not have an Elite Four set
Kanjoh Lorelei · Bruno · Agatha · Lance · Will · Koga · Karen
Hoenn Glacia · Sidney · Phoebe · Drake
Sinnoh Aaron · Bertha · Flint · Lucian
Unova Marshal · Shauntal · Grimsley · Caitlin
Kalos Siebold · Malva · Wikstrom · Drasna
Alola Olivia · Acerola · Kahili · Hala · Molayne
Galar Does not have an Elite Four set
Orange Islands Does not have an Elite Four set

See also Canon Divergences for information on how the mainline Elite Fours might deviate here from their portrayals seen in mainline canon.

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