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Eldinoa (full name undetermined) is a craftsman and Trainer in the region of Caledoria, heir to a craftsmanship lineage dedicated to Bug Type Pokémon, and one of the protagonists of “Gelid Remainder(TBA) .


Eldinoa is a 25~30 yr old craftsman who often also takes on the role of a Trainer in the wilderness of the Caledoria region. He is a second child and the local heir of Antena Amplia, a craftsmanship school dedicated to creating devices that enhance the communication capabilities of Bug type Pokémon. Besides maintaining the lineage, for which he gets a small stipend from the State to run the school, he part-times some days of the week as a transit inspector for some of the routes in the region.

Because of his good standing with the local wild populations, much in line with what eg.: Pokémon Ranger members do, Eldinoa enjoys trust from the local communities and access to resources and locations that normal Trainers in the region do not have access to. He is also sometimes employed by the League to take care of some situations in this capacity when they affect the Trainers Circuit. Most tellingly, the Soncar Sovereignty trusts Eldinoa with access to the Crossed Winds Temple, one of the most dangerous landmarks in the region due to its influence over the regional weather.




Eldinoa is skilled in craftsmanship and, much like Kurt, can construct a number of devices using the natural resources in the area and specialized techniques and resources he's privy to. Despite his years of training however he still needs to assist himself with blueprints or other means of tracking his work and the details of the machinery he is constructing; it could be a character trait later that he does not have a developed visual or spatial memory in comparison to his craftsmanship skills.

Besides being able to communicate clearly with his Pokémon, Eldinoa can understand relatively clearly the communication of other trained Bug-type Pokémon, and he can make out the general messages and intent from such Pokémon even without help from their Trainers.

As the heir of a school that teaches integration with Pokémon, Eldinoa has a number of devices crafted by himself or by family members and that he can use to assist himself or to enhance the assistance of his Bug-type Pokémon should the need come. Most notably, for some wilderness expeditions he equips a specially hardened exoskeleton-like vest with special springs and sliding plates, that helps him prevent compromising damage to his body should he become trampled by a large Pokémon or buried by large boulders.

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These Pokémon are to be part of Eldinoa's lineup for “Gelid Remainder(TBA) :


  • Gelid Remainder(TBA) (main character)



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