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Dintel is a male Sandshrew, later Sandslash trained and part of the Gym teams used in the Suocé Pokémon League. His originates from WAAPT's, which itself originates from an old Leaf Green run of the Author's.

In his Suocéverse incarnation he is part of the crew of the Suocé Ground-type Gym under leadership of Nicena.


Concept Evolution

Dintel is a Pokémon that could be described as juvenile, if not childish sometimes. He would like to play and go around places doing random things rather than following the routine of the Gym, which he mostly follows because of the various prizes it comes with, such as food and shelter.

One thing that could be considered part of Dintel's signature traits is his resourcefulness and inventive. He is laborious when it comes to solving abstract puzzles which could include how to bypass an opponent's defenses. If there is a location very well secured with various measures that no Pokémon should be able to easily get into, Dintel is one of the few Pokémon who would be able to easily find themselves in by air-quotes-“accident”-end-air-quotes. Dintel is also open to trying any move he knows in any nonstandard way he can suddenly think of to get out of a bad situation; for example his WAAPT incarnation has developed the ability to use Brick Break to lift debris around him as a shield. One thing his WAAPT incarnation also has is serendipity to his favour, as he has been able to come out on top of situations such as being sent to Poké!Hell by basically being his juvenile self; though it is undetermined if this trait would map to his Suocéverse incarnation.

Somewhat tied to Dintel as a character concept is his Trapinch imaginary friend, a Pokémon that Dintel tends to draw in the sand or on walls when he is alone, and whom he talks about every once in a while. Whether the actual Pokémon exists is undetermined.

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