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Ubuntu Release Names

Description of how the codenames for Ubuntu work in Mainline Suocéverse.


Abstract from the linked page: Each Ubuntu release has a codename comprised of two words: the first is an adjective (or adjective-like word) and the second is the name of an animal in a vulnerable conservation status. Releases are done on a ~6 months cycle so 2 per year, and the releases are named alphabetically so for example one release is P (“Precise Pangolin”), the next one is Q (“Quantal Quetzal”).

Mainline Suocéverse “Ubuntu” releases follow a similar naming scheme. The distribution is likely not named “Ubuntu” (a Bland Name Product is yet to be chosen) but the general release schema stays the same: one or two releases a year, named alphabetically.


  • Alphabet used for Suocéversebuntu can be extended from the English alphabet to acquire at least letter Ñ since it's used in now canonized »Ñatu (Pokémon).
  • Gaps are left to account for adding at least one more letter in case a future Fakémon adds another starting letter.
  • Besides rotating in alphabet order, release names can rotate in three languages: English, Italian and Spanish.

Release Naming Scheme

See The Present Era for a correspondence in events.

Names in this page are not definitive, subject to change until publication of the name in a story with concurrent events.

Release names for “?buntu” in Suocéverse Mainline
Year Release Adjective Noun Notes
3726 26.1 LTS Photogenic Phanphy
3726 26.2 (Q)
3727 27.1 Relentless Roserade
3728 28.1 LTS Solipsistic Sandshrew Last LTS release pre-Pokefutures fall. Audited in 3729. To be debuted in Interim.
3728 28.2 Terebrant Trapinch Release delayed due to the Pokefutures incident.
3729 29.1 ?? ?? (U)
3729 29.2 Veleidoso (en: fickle) Vikavolt Ravir's class contributed packages for management of industrial machinery in April 3729.
3730 30.1 ?? ?? (W); Not an LTS as the organization was undergoing structural changes.
3730 30.2 ?? ?? (X)
3731 31.1 Yearning Yamper
3731 31.2 ?? ?? (Z)
3732 32.1 LTS Abnegado (en: selfless) Aron
3732 32.2 ?? ?? (B)
3733 33.1 Cruising »Carilune (Pokémon) 33.1.3 was dedicated to the memory of the contributors to died during the Near-Apocalypose of 3733.
3733 33.2 Distant Dustox
3734 34.1 LTS ?? ?? (E)
3734 34.2 ?? ?? (F)
3735 35.1 Gleaming Gastrodon
3735 35.2 Histrionic Heracross The version first installed at PEFE and maintained until an upgrade to 38.1.3 LTS.
3736 36.1 ?? ?? (I)

Candidate Names

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