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A Demonym, in Spanish demónimo or gentilicio, is a word used to indicate the origin, nationality or birthplace of a person.

The tables below show a number of demonyms for various regions and divisions in the worlds of the Suocéverse.

For English, unless indicated otherwise plurals are either unchanging, or formed by adding -s , depending on the formal rules of the language.

For Spanish, -o/-a indicates masculine/feminine distinction; other forms (such as -e) are usually nongendered. Plurals are formed by adding either -s or -es depending on the formal rules of the language, unless indicated otherwise.

Mainline Worlds

For the franchise canon regions and divisions:

Regional Division English Spanish
Kanto Kantoan, Kantoense Kantoense
Johto Johtoan Johtiano/a
Hoenn Hoennese Hoennense
Sinnoh Sinn Sinno/Sinnoa; pl. Sinnoes
Unova Unovan Unorkino/a
Kalos Kalosian Kalonés/Kalonesa
Alola Alolan Alolano/a
Galar Galarian Galaro/a
Paldea TBD TBD
Holon Holoian Holonio/a
Rota Rotan, Rotaan Rotaés
Orange Islands Orenjine Orengino/a
Mishima TBD TBD

Some of the mainline region demonyms are drawn from WAAPT.

For the Suocéverse specific regions and divisions:

Suocéverse Canon regions English Spanish
Suocé Suocense, Suocéan Suoceño/a
Caledoria Caledorian Caledoriano/a
Rondovia Rondonine Rondonino/a
Emisre Emisa (singular), Emisies (plural) Emisa
Dalacia Dalacene Dalaceño/a
Krasnoska Kuvjisk Kuviako/a
Asfiri Sud Asfar Ásfao/Ásfa del Sur
Estracura Estraune (pl. unchanged) Estraune (pl. unchanged)
Other Territories
Cadrícea Cadrical Cadrical
Malvusia Malvuise Malvusio/a
Tepeslandia Tepel Tepel
Bjerk Visbirkan Visberko/a
Piutá Piuque Piuque
Applied mostly to Pokémon
La Plancha La Planchense La Planchense
Omixence Omica Omixa, Omica
Rienna Rian Rienio/a
Dragonspiral Moors Spirogvesar Spirovio/a
Draconic Holy Land Edenvesar Edenvovio/a
Firuzland Firuche Firuche

Fanon and external sources to be checked

External sources to be checked
Angela Angelan Angeliano(a)
Domino ???? ????

PMD Worlds

No regions ATM have a demonym or are either named in a form other than their in-game regional form (eg.: “Mist Continent”).

Nrafhal Worlds


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