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Dalvin is a Piplup, later Empoleon, later Empoleon-EX living in the PMD World of the Suocéverse. As a Character Concept, he represents the canon partner of Explorers of Sky in the author's run of the game.


Explorers of Sky

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

Dalvin was a young Piplup who had arrived to the outskirts of Treasure Town to live alone, after during one of his adventures he happened to find a mysterious stone with coloured engravings. Eventually he and Minto founded Team Solarz with the purpose of going into expeditions, discovering old lore about the region and one day unveiling the mysteries of the stone they carried.

The team faced various opponents and earned a number of treasures in their search of the fragment's origin. Among other things, Dalvin obtained the Prin-Crest (his game counterpart has the Prin-Card, Empol-Horn and Piplup Foam). At some point they also faced the Manectric tribe that held the Amp Plains grounds, managing to disband it with the help of Dusknoir the Detective; however over the years this resulted in the shunning of various Electrike tribes living in the area, prompting them to migrate to other locations ( Beyond Today ).

Life would eventually lead Dalvin to the broad-strokes final arc of Explorers of Sky, where he and Minto would discover Dialga had become corrupted and was about to freeze the entire world in stopped time. Team Solarz teamed up with a rebel from the future, Grovyle (PMD) to gain access to the Hidden Land, the place where Dalvin's stone originated from and where the access to Dialga's realm was granted. Dalvin, Minto and Grovyle entered the Hidden Land in a last-ditch attempt to gain access to Temporal Tower and place the Time Gears there to unfreeze time, but they had to fight various opposition including Dialga himself. While they were successful in their mission, only Dalvin returned alive to uncorrupted time.

Some months down the line, Dialga requested to a higher power that it would help return the future world that had been erased, and Minto with it, as a display of gratitude to Dalvin. The request was granted and Dalvin and Minto met again, to continue their adventures across the continent.

End spoilers.



Several years after the events of Sky, Dalvin is now a Prinplup who lives with a colony of his peers in the coasts of Blizzard Island and every once in a while comes to the Grass Continent.

With the establishment of the western colonies such as Fire Island Volcano, parallel to the events of Super, there was an increased interest in trade between the communities of the west and east sides of the sea, eventually leading to Blizzard Island advancing a few steps in the social ladder. Once their population and needs grew enough, the mons living in the island tried to establish a form of self-governance, but those attempts were slow and not very successful, and the islands still had lots to learn from the communities across the sea such as Dragon's Gate.

At some point, Delibird communities took the lead in establishing a form of governance for the islands by recruiting a number of Pokémon and instituting them in the positions of guards, teachers and storage keepers for the community. They reportedly tried recruiting Dalvin for a combat position as one of the top enforcers in the area, but the Prinplup disregarded the offers every time. Eventually one of the Delibird scribes managed to craft a deal that Dalvin found of interest, and that had him assigned to the position of “Guard of Trade”: a mixture between what in IRL world would be known as a Customs Officer and an auditor. The top fighting enforcer position was left to a Beartic. ( A Leader's Seating ).

One particular Dalvin takes a trip to the continent with the goal of finding valuable stones and apples that have a perfect round and smooth form, as they are highly valued by females for courtship. He heads off to Lietre Guild to hire a team and is assigned Gesta's Team Kokool for the collection, however their mission is interrupted when the team leader receives an emergency call to rescue a team from a deep dungeon. Dalvin happily tags along for the ride and helps clean up the Monster Houses there, paving the road for the rescue by Team Kokool ( Beyond Today ).

Afterwards Dalvin has a joyful conversation with Gesta, but he has to depart when a team from Dragon Gate arrives with instructions to bring Dalvin to the shrine.

Dalvin is brought in and interviewed by Dialga who offers him a high position as a guard for Arceus (and presumably in the access to the Museum Dimension that lies past the seas in Entmoia Alcazar); however Dalvin refuses as his intention is to return to his land for the courtship season, and Dialga tries various angles for convincing Dalvin to take the role, up to and including offering him Palkia's Lustrous Orb.

At some point further into the future, once the four positions of the Blizzard Islands council have solidified, Dalvin would bow out of his position of auditor and dedicate to his job as a customs / trade officer, making several rounds across the southern sea islands and key landmarks such as Prism Bridge. Eventually he'd be nominated as one of the two Ambassadors of Blizzard Islands before the Grass and Air Continents.

Good Future

In the far future ending of Beyond Today it is hinted that down the line, once Dalvin has become an Empoleon, he would have taken Dialga's offer and worked by his side. By Suocéverse lore, taking up the service offered by Dialga would have branded Dalvin as a Pokémon-EX.


  • Access to Team Solarz's inventory stashes presumably via Kecleon's Outpost and the Kanga Statues.
  • (Formerly) the Relic Fragment.
  • (Formerly) A stash where he saves fruits and small loot from missions. Destroyed during the events in Beyond Today.
  • A stash where he saves fruits and mission loot. Received apparently as a gift, offscreen during Beyond Today.
  • The Prin-Crest, which grants Piplup specimens SDEF, PDEF bonuses.
  • Potentially some of the treasure chest-obtained Piplup specific items of Sky.


Character Concept

This article deals with Suocéverse Lore and other background elements.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.
(Check the for other such material)

Dalvin was born as a character concept during the author's gameplay of Explorers of Sky (2014-ongoing), where Minto was the resulting Starter and Dalvin the partner. Some early elements of the canon design of the companion character from the games reflect into the design of Dalvin-the-character, such as a sense of self-doubt and aimlessness in life during his early years.

Most details about the later personality and attributes of the character come from worldbuilding and character test talks with Fledglings's author, Spiteful Murkrow, during the time period from 2014 to 2018.

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Worldbuilding Elements

Published Material

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