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Cyanoger is a particularly large, male Manectric, a trained Pokémon attached to Ravir Eisenhorth's team, nearing his retirement. Technically he is a Variant (Pokémon category) recognized for his size, such as an Alpha or a Totem. During the years Ravir battled in the Conference Tournament and against Black Thumb Gang, Cyanoger accompanied a few times; though as he grew old, he fell behind Electabuzz's skill.

Ravir Eisenhorth
retired, released
Ravir Eisenhorth, wilderness
Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Cyanoger (requires login).



Previous to having acquired his Variant traits, Cyanoger would have looked much like a slightly bulkier Electrike / Manectric, with colouration closer to the official G3 shiny versions, and with overall denser fur.

Totem / Alpha Cyanoger is a Manectric of quite large size for his species. Whereas the norm of his morph records at ~1.5 m height and ~40 kg weight in the franchise Pokédex, Cyanoger gets a record of ~3.8 m height and ~70 kg weight. Besides his size he is recognized mostly for the extra heavy fur mats on his legs, although his head fur is less dense in exchange.

His head and waist fur coats acquire a pearlier / shinier variant of yellow and his fur in general is abundant and dense enough that Joltik use it as a carpet to hide into.


Cyanoger is a Pokémon experienced in combat in the wild and his focus is on protecting the wildlife around him and in scaring away intruders. He is not well suited for one to one combat up until he enters a tutelage period under Ravir Eisenhorth.

He shows his tact at scaring away intruders when he is found by Baluarkos after a nap. After letting out a few lightning bolts and howls as a threat, Cyanoger does not engage Baluarkos directly despite having a range and size advantage; instead, he prowls after the Nidorino and breaks the tree covers Baluarkos hides behind, repeatedly forcing the Nidorino to flee. ( Tricks of the Love Fast 4.1 “Sinking Feeling”)



Concept Evolution

> What if we had a Zinogre in Pokémon?
But we already have Manectric.
> Yeah but what if more?

By and large, Cyanoger is inspired by Zinogre, a species of electric wolf-like monsters from the Monster Hunter franchise, with which Manectric shares a number of traits and enjoys some comparisons with in fan media.

Name Origin

Cyanoger comes from Zinogre the name of a fictional wolf-like species in Monster Hunter that share various similarities with Manectric, and from cyan, the colour of a Manectric's base fur coat.

Worldbuilding Elements

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