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Disclaimer: “Pokémon”, the species names and the franchise's specific content and productions are © of Game Freak et al. This does not cover Suocéverse-specific content and productions.


Unless stated otherwise all Suocéverse fanon characters and content is created by me. For listings of characters specifically created / owned by other fanon authors (used with permission) see and Guest Starring. Content sourced from WAAPT is owned by their respective authors.

Creative Platform

This wiki runs at the community server provided by @tangent128 and on a dokuwiki platform.

This platform, as well as most of my creative work, is sustained by a stack of Free/Libre and Open Source Software. These are projects that are for the most part maintained by the community and their continuity and support is key for the continuity of my work as well.

If you'd like to donate to any of these projects head over to:

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