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Cosito is a Woobat, presumably male, living in the Mainline PMD world and attached to Paradise Team during the timeframe of the Gates to Infinity storyline.



When first introduced, Cosito is a new recruit to the team. Young, inexperienced and unused to exploring anywhere past his home land, Cosito takes great delight in joining people into any sort of adventure, but also because of his inexperience he is a very naïve judge of character, of risk and of danger in general.

With him being eager and lacking experience filters, more mission-oriented characters like Volyrina and Centella often find themselves at odds with Cosito.


Cosito does whatever a Woobat can do. He's never seen fighting onscreen and it is assumed he is brought in to non-storyline adventures mostly because of his ability to fly and because he will be quick to notice anything new or out-of-place on the road.

Character History

Cosito was recruited by Volyrina's team very shortly after the protags first meet Espeon and Umbreon. It is presumed he was put under Feremiz's direction during his first few days to get him used to Post Town.

At some point he was brought in alongside Crana for an expedition team (Volyrina, Feremiz, Cosito and Crana) trying to reach the Redland Reaches. A landslide left rest of the team hurt and unable to return on their own; while Cosito was able of hovering and unaffected by the landslide, he was also a Woobat and thus unable to open the team's bag to procure items and help. Much to Volyrina's exasperation, Cosito seemed to enjoy the accidented adventure. ( Where We Live And Work )


“Exploring is fun~!”

Later while Feremiz is recovering at his hut, he goes out to the front yard to see Emolga and Cosito having fun tying themselves to a post and letting themselves be flown like kites. Cosito remarks that they don't have this kind of fun back at home.


As with most Idiljo characters in Volyrina's team, Cosito is derived from a party recruit in the Author's Gates to Infinity run. His name means, literally, “little thing” or even “thingy”.


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