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Conference Champion

A Conference Champion, sometimes shortened to “League Champion” or “Champion” when ambiguity is not an issue, is a Trainer who has won and thus become champion[1] of a Conference Tournament. It should be contrasted with “The Champion”, who is the Trainer chosen or accepted as the strongest and most capable to champion[3,4] the cause of the Region's welfare.

Because Trainers tend to be itinerant, a Conference Champion is not required to defend their title in the next run of the Championship. Instead Conference Champions become part of a special record called the Region's Hall of Fame, and they get a free pass to enter the local tournament next year if they choose to sign up to the Gym Challenge again.

Winning a Conference Tournament earns Trainers some privileges, though the most rewarding of them, the free pass to challenge the Elite Four, is reserved only for nationals who champion their own Region's Conference Tournament.

Trained Pokémon who belong to a team and have under that team attained a Conference Championship, are considered to be of “Champion Rank”, as are any Pokémon with a Conference battle record capable of fighting at their level. Pokémon in the Champion Rank include Electabuzz (Ravir), Inka and Tephros.

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