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Chikorita (Adanei)

Bayleef, formerly Chikorita, is Adanei Varan's Starter Pokémon, delivered to her from a batch by Prof. Silana Aldir. He is a though and mostly uncaring specimen, smitten by the reputation his species has for being “soft” and not a combat-oriented Starter. He's affectionately dubbed “Bossy Bayleef” by the rest of his team.

Of the three Johto starters in Stars of Suocé, Bayleef is objectively the strongest and better trained, as Adanei follows a mostly rigorous training regime for him and the rest of the team. During the course of the story of Stars of Suocé the only clear defeat he suffers is at the hands of Lou Varan's own starter, Ivysaur (Lou).

Adanei Varan
Adanei Varan

Battle Technique

Bayleef's Limit Break, once evolved into a Meganium, would be Giant Bloom (from the TCG). Ironically enough for him, the technique is for the most part weaker and more constrained than his fellow, non-competitive Starter Elena's specialized techniques; the saving grace of Giant Bloom being the blinding pain it can cause to unarmored opponents.

Bayleef is suspected to at some point in the past have fought Makenna. To his credit, the fight would have gone more or less like this 1).


  • Stars of Suocé(TBA)

Others undecided.

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