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The “Champion” of a Region, sometimes called the “Regional Champion”, is the citizen and Trainer considered to be at the peak of their rank, an artist and virtuoso of Pokémon training who has good standing not only with the inhabitants of the region and the Trainer marketplace but also with the organized wild Pokémon living in the area. In a certain sense, when people talk about the “Pokémon Master”, the fabled figure who is sought by human and Pokémon alike, it starts with this Champion in the sense of someone who champions the cause of Pokémon training and of the region's welfare.

Contrast a “Conference Champion” or “League Champion”, who is “merely” the Trainer (national or foreign) who wins the Conference League competition and/or the regional Elite Four challenge (if a national).

People considered “Champions” in the Suocéverse include:

The mechanism by which a Trainer earns or is assigned the title of Champion varies by region, largely depending on the region's form of government and integration of the local Sovereignties. For example in Suocé, besides requiring the profile of an elite Trainer, the Champion has to be voted in by the Suocé Senate, the local Pokémon League Legislature (by act of challenging the Elite Four), and the rulers of both the Cadrícean Sovereignty (by vote of the Cadrícea Muskedeer Trio's leader) and the La Plancha Sovereignty.


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