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Caolené is a female Leavanny from the forests near Acrasa, south of the Cadrícean Sovereignty. Due to her experience as a formerly trained Pokémon, she was signed in into the Cadrícean Sovereignty's court as both the head guard of Virizion’s convoy and as a recruiter and spokesperson for the Trio within the residential ring of Cadrícea and the farmlands nearby.


Caolené has a history background as a Starter Pokémon for a Trainer in Acrasa. After her years with a team, she was known to have offspring living as trained Pokémon as well; though due to her later duties to the Cadrícean Sovereign, she tries to avoid establishing contact with them.

Caolené is skilled in combat by necessity, and has learned swordplay-like maneuvers from Virizion himself, packing a personalized, surprisingly accurate Triple Cutter as her signature move.

Character History

Caolené served with an unidentified Trainer up until ca. 3720 PE, where she volunteered into the trials Terrakion put forth to sign new followers and guardians into the Deer's Court. While she was still in trained service, she signed up into the trials and made it through ( Caolené's Test ).

Completing the trials and excelling in combat, she was taken up by Virizion for tutoring, and quickly became the top enforcer of his court and his personal guard.

During the Fall of Pokefutures and the events leading to Interim, Caolené was put by Virizion in charge of running the safety evacuations for the Cadrícean Service Draft, where she assisted in sending Trainers not heeding the summons out of the city. Caolené presumably had to fight some Trained Pokémon who either refused the Draft, or attempted to attack the Sovereigns or their envoys.


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