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Canon Divergences

This article lists a number of notable canon divergences between the mainline Pokémon continuities (Gen games, PMD games, TCG game and anime) and the Suocéverse continuity/es. This is mostly related to mechanics, plot and canon events, and even the nature of some Pokémon.

Note: these are for the most part in planning and are not officially considered canon until they feature in an article or published work.


Generations: Because of the make of the Suocéverse, events in the mainline game and anime continuities starting with Generation Ⅴ are considered secondary to that of the previous generations, and where information from new game releases would conflict with Suocéverse materials the Suocéverse version will take priority and the mainline version will be retooled or worked around.


Abilities: Abilities work less like in the mainline games and more as a mix between PMD, where a Pokémon specimen has all their abilities, and the Pokémon TCG where abilities are slotted into and trigger under different conditions. See: Abilities.

Ailments: Sticky status ailments, such as PAR, SLP or FRZ, function closer to how it works in eg.: Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter, where a status damage threshold must be overcome before the status can be applied or recovered from. Suocéverse also introduces or adapts other status ailments. See: Ailments.

Egg Groups: Some new egg groups are introduced, and the listing of Pokémon species in each egg group is refined somewhat. In particular, to help differentiate plant vs plant-like Pokémon, and inorganics cs animates / possessions. See Egg Groups.


Beta Pokémon: Certain Pokémon of official make that did not see production, such as the Spaceworld Beta Gold & Silver mons, are considered semicanon in the least. Their interpretation might be completely different however.

Post G5 Pokémon: Some Pokémon that have been revealed starting with G5 and that have had their lore and mechanics incrementally revealed or changed, might be notoriously different in Suocéverse than in their canon interpretation. See eg.: Zygarde (Zygarde).

New Pokémon: Pokémon original to the Suocéverse are also introduced. See Original Pokémon.



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