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Cadrícea Muskedeer Trio

The Sovereignty of the Cadrícean Widefields in Suocé has as sovereign a Musketeer (or “Muskedeer”) Trio, a trio of specimens of Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion. Unlike their Unovan counterparts, there are no known Keldeo associated to them.

As per games-concurrent chronology, Virizion is the current leader of the group.


Historical Records

First reports of Muskedeer Trio in what would later become Suocé date at least 2500 years ago, early into the The Present Era. Pioneers and explorers from the southern region of Caledoria recorded sightings of members of the trio herding wild Pokémon during their migrations to the north, likely to assist them in getting past the natural barrier of the main cordillera. At about the same time, records of sea explorers account for sightings of the Legendaries, who would at points observe sailors from the distance as they charted the coasts.

It is unknown if any Trainers sought to meet these specimens in the battlefield during this time period.

No specific encounters would be given attention to up until an undetermined epidemic threatened the human population of Caledoria, 2000 years ago. Groups of pioneers left Caledoria attempting to reach past the main cordillera and into the temporary settlements that the corsairs and explorers had in the northern portion of the continent. These pioneers were met with derision by the Pokémon wild population of the valleys as they attempted to cross through the main valleys, the heavy deadline of the epidemic pressing them.

At some point during the migration, the pioneers lost many supplies and were forced to retreat to the rivers heading to the east coast, near what is now Pradeimie. There, the wild population observed them and humored their presence as the threat of the winter approached, until the Muskedeer Trio walked to the humans and offered them shelter in the richer grounds of the northern rivers, in preparation to cross the cordillera. Once there, the Muskedeer Trio instructed the wild Pokémon in the area to protect the human settlement until the humid seasons had passed and crossing the cordillera was safe. Some of the humans ended up staying, forming small communities around the area cordoned by the wild Pokémon.

The Cadrícean Shrine

It is told that, about fifteen years later, the humans grew fond of the presence of the Trio and were grateful for their assistance; they built a shrine for the cervids where they would collect some of the food they had harvested and would offer them to the Pokémon as a sign of gratitude. The wild Pokémon, not used to the concept of expressing worship, took interest in the humans’ displays of gratitude towards the guardians of the valleys, and retracted their former animosity. An agreement was eventually reached where humans would be allowed to live permanently within the premises of the Sovereignty provided they took a role in its development and protection, and in exchange the humans would offer teachings and assistance in worshipping and following the Muskedeer Trio and eventually other mythical figures of the land. The city of Cadrícea was founded around the shrine as a sign of communion, and humans and Pokémon soon started using the name ‘Guardian Forces’ to refer to the three legendary Pokémon.

While the foundation of Cadrícea marked the birth of Suocé as a region, the country proper would not be born until about 1600 years later, with the securing of the paths connecting the settlements of the north and the founding of the city of Salípolis to serve as the new capital. Through peace offerings, the country was allowed to partially annex the Sovereignty and count it as part of their territory for human political purposes. This also allowed the newborn country access to the arm of land that connected these humans to their old, new neighbours of Caledoria.

Fading into Obscurity

It is not known exactly when did the ruler cervids fade into obscurity; they were always reported to be aloof and overall difficult to contact except when in times of need, and only regular travelers and certain people in positions of high held respect such as the first Gym Leaders could offer account of multiple sightings, let alone meetings. What is known is that about 400 years before ME, the communion between the “Legendaries” and the rest of the world was upturned due to a war in the far away lands of Johto to the north. The ancient Protector birds, Ho-Oh and Lugia, forsook their roles as protectors of the realm and their ties with humanity and Pokémonkind and fled to not be seen again; with them, many of the few Legendaries that held ties with communities of Pokémon or humans also disappeared.

The most “official” account available tells that a morning soon after the news from Johto arrived, one of the two bird deities flew across the eastern board of Suocé to the south, its sad song decrying treason and pillage by humans; the Muskedeer Trio met this bird before it continued its flight deep into the cold lands of Caledoria and the morning after the Muskedeer too cut their final ties with the city and the country, to then go into deep hiding within the Sovereignty. Thus they pretty much disappeared into the fog of time.

Before leaving, Cobalion handed over the task of overseeing the welfare of the Sovereignty to a cadre of hoof-picked Grass and Bug types native to the realm.


For the next 400 years the Trio would make themselves scarce. Among the few occasions where they would be seen together were the nomination of new Champions or the opening of new railroads across the Sovereignty. Every once in a while Virizion or Terrakion would show up with small entourages to check on the roads the humans built around the realm ( As They Were ). At some points they also ventured individually outside of the realm to check on various locations, including Cobalion fending off a group of scouts that would later form the Ísparus Claim sometime ca. 3710.

Early in year 3724 the Trio gave its first signs of retaking their places as rulers of the realm, as they started inspecting various roads and outskirts for information that would assist then-current Champion Nadia Shepard, who believed there was a large-scale threat against the region of Suocé. To support their activities the three deer went around looking for Pokémon to serve as their enoys, eventually culminating with the recruitment of Sahlai, Caolené and Eltenios.

The Cadrícean Draft

When the truth about Pokefutures was revealed in 3728, Virizion took it as a hostile sign and a strong lead towards the threat Nadia spoke about, and he emerged out of the shadows and right into the heart of the city of Cadrícea to reclaim the Trio's position as rulers and demand the human population held their part of the deal to continue living and profiting of the Sovereignty by participating in a Military Draft to march against Vys Ocassum. The information gathered by E4 member Domingo Reubens was key to defusing the situation; still, the population now knew itself under Pokémon rule and the focus of various tasks around the Sovereignty started to shift.

The Threat

All was not over however; shortly later ca 3729, and while Cobalion was out north of the cordillera, Terrakion got wind that seers had foreseen an attack on the realm. Before the three deer could gather, an earthquake shook the realm of Cadrícea and the northern edge of Caledoria, severely damaging the coastal infrastructure and altering the geography of the region. Among the first news the three deer could confirm was the death of Nadia and her entire team, around the same time of the earthquake and under strange circumstances. The three cervid rulers saw themselves with their figurative hands full while pondering if the threat that Nadia had predicted had truly come to pass.

Aware that their place as guardians required them to adapt to new unknowns, Cobalion dedicated himself to learn more information from humans while Terrakion started following the clues on what the League was doing to find and nominate the successor to Nadia's term as Champion. After taking some tie off to evaluate and approve Ravir Eisenhorth as the new Champion, the three deer dedicated themselves to wander across the Sovereignty, looking for any clues to the threat and in their minds they saw as pending, and have remained vigilant and discriminatory in their responses ever since.

Individual Personalities

The three specimens of the set have their personalities mostly documented as a result of their encounters with the successive Champion and Elite Four, with the representatives of some of the colonies under their control, and via rare battle encounters with some trainers. Most noticeably, the three employ an assortment of hand-picked (hoof-picked?) Pokémon for various services, and these Pokémon tend to have the clearest and most up-to-date perception of their lieges’ personalities.

Cobalion is the most forthcoming of the trio, and the one who has the most experience regarding human societies. He chases information and grasps “street life”, going around the road and seeking to obtain news and gossip from trained Pokémon or even from Trainers themselves. He has shown understanding of how phones, the internet and the Pokédex work. He won't refuse a challenge if the challenger can prove he has something good (usually information) to offer in exchange.

Unfortunately, Cobalion is hard to find and not very amicable or welcoming to the idea of a following or an entourage. He operates from the shadows and usually burdens Virizion with his tasks when he wants to make himself scarce.

Terrakion is the one most amicable, the one most open to interaction with wild Pokémon or Trainers, provided they don't ask personal questions, and in general the one best behaved. He has a stronger understanding of the position and role of the Trio both as iconic figures and as rulers of the land, so he always conducts himself with decorum and is very clear about the commands or advice he gives out. Conscious of his role as he is, he does not suffer it well when his fame or that of his servants gets in the way of getting tasks done, even less when it is due to Trainers meddling.

Terrakion tends to not involve himself in fights unless it is due to interruption of his role as a ruler and guardian of the Sovereignty: he prefers to, at least when in Cadrícean territory, summon the wild Pokémon who follow him as a guardian and have them fight in his stead. Still, he is no slouch when it comes to doing things the hard way, and he is confident that, had Suocé strong edifications like the historical castles in other regions, he would be able to knock then down just as well as his Unovan counterpart can.

Virizion is the most responsible and active of the trio, but also the less friendly and the less forgiving, by a wide margin. He has served as the head of the trio ever since Nadia Shepard's nomination. Virizion sees the position of the Trio as that of magnanimous rulers and thus in his eyes, the Pokémon and human inhabitants of the Sovereignty “owe them”. He tends to be obtuse when giving orders, to the chagrin of his subordinates save Caolené, who is well used to his attitude.

As the most active member of the Trio and as a fulminant fighter with little consideration to diplomacy or truce, Virizion has built up a more negative image in recent times, mostly due to him being the one who issued and carried out the military Draft of the Sovereignty's citizens in 3728 PE during the Pokefutures reveal. He is considered by many somewhat intractable and bileful, even by his servants, except when it comes to tutoring techniques to other Pokémon, a penchant that he has and an area where he conducts himself with notable dedication, provided the challenger or disciple has shown their disposition to earn and make use of the shared expertise.


In recent times, the Cadrícean Guardian Forces have gathered an assortment of Pokémon specimens with particular skills to perform services the cervids consider critical for the Sovereignty. These Pokémon have been, without exception, hand- (or hoof-)picked by the trio by unanimous decision, though Cobalion’s frequent disappearances usually leave one of his two counterparts to report his vote. Most of the time it is Terrakion who welcomes the specimens into service, and the one to give these servants the most usual tasks.

The service of these specimens is stated to be for life and, in certain cases, “no” has been not taken for an answer.

As per their current iteration, the Trio have five servants:

  1. A female Leavanny, named Caolené, who serves as both the head guard of Virizion’s convoy and the recruiter and spokesperson for the Trio within the residential ring of Cadrícea and the farmlands nearby. Caolené is skilled in combat by necessity, and has learned swordplay-like technique from Virizion himself.
  2. A male Arcanine, named Eltenios, who serves as the courier and messenger for the Trio, in particular for Terrakion. He was brought into servitude to the Guardian Forces at some time near 3720, when Cobalion took notice of his skill to traverse both mountains and human roads for days without stop.
  3. A female Xatu, named Sahlai, who serves as both a spokesperson for the Trio with the wild population of the Sovereignty, and as the main security agent for Cobalion’s convoy, informing the Legendary of the movements of Trainers or roaming Pokémon. She also runs background checks on the personnel (of Pokémon) that might have to come into service for the Guardian Forces.
  4. A currently undetermined Pokémon.
  5. A currently undetermined Pokémon.


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